An interview with me, on another blog, how interesting?

Gurren Lagann - Kamina and Viral battle it out!
I was recently interviewed by my esteemed peers at Sea Slugs! Anime Blog. Please have a read if you’re interested in “Bateszi Anime Blog”, I hope it’s not all shameless self indulgence! Also, I’m a little twitchy (read: insecure) about the “0 Responses” factor, so if you could leave a comment on there too, I’d consider you, like, the bestest person in the world, ever!


  1. Oh that sounds amazing! Good Job.
    As a side note you guys gotta check this out :
    Plus check out all the other videos from this user. Its crazy I tell you! lol
    No really it made my day.

  2. It’s always good to get some views and promotion out there – the blogsphere has a great community feel going on these days, which practically runs on helpful individuals posting up links to other places. I’ve lost count of how many additions to my blogroll and viewing schedule that are the result of another blogger posting “have a look at this…I think you’ll find it interesting.”
    To show my support, I’ve replied here. And on Sea Slugs too. 🙂

  3. bro i just checked out ur interview, and it was pretty great. know that i support ur blog, and ever since i discovered we share the same tastes i have had u on bookmark and check in everyday and try and respond to almost all ur articles even the archived ones. its all good man, take care. finished potter yet??? hurry up!

  4. Thanks guys, I wasn’t sure if this interview was going to generate much interest, but I’m really pleased with how its turned out. Big thanks for Kabitzin for the opportunity, I definitely didn’t expect to be writing something like that this time last week! 🙂
    @Kabitzin: I knew I had to use that Viral/Kamina image somewhere, this seemed like a perfect opportunity! 🙂
    @orangee: You’ve been reading for a while then! Great to see you decided to comment anyway, I know I have a fairly big silent readership, so it’s great when someone who has been reading this blog as long as you pops up and says hi!
    @kauldron26: Cheers. It’s great to know I have a few regular visitors now who I can rely on to speak up when it seems no-one else is out there. And no, I’m savoring every new page of Potter! 🙂

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