How to support Bateszi Anime Blog

In short

You can help Bateszi Anime Blog by sharing it on social media.

The problem

I’ve been blogging for a long time now, and one thing that’s certainly become harder over the years is reaching people. On an internet where the person that shouts the loudest wins, this blog’s small voice and slow pace stands little chance in being heard over the cacophony of noise created by social media influencers, video creators and professionally created websites. Today, anime blogs are old fashioned: they are independent spaces unhooked from larger networks. They are easily ignored or even algorithmically suppressed in favour of that network’s own content. You had to make an effort to get here, therefore every single reader is hard-earned. Hard-earned.

The solution

Every post that I publish is shared with my social media followers. Simply pressing the ‘Publish’ button in WordPress and walking away is no longer enough: I have to make a sustained effort across sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and AniList. I truly dislike self-promotion, but I have no option: I want to be read. These are the “hard yards”.

This is where I need your help too: if you enjoyed or admired a post on this blog, please share it. If you like this blog and want to see it grow, please share it with your followers. There’s only so much I can do alone: your support is crucial if this blog is to find new readers. Alone, I have a limited reach, but together, there are no limits.

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