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Special Edition

I’m a perfectionist.  Being a perfectionist isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being unhappy with your work when it isn’t.  Sometimes you have to ignore that impulse and just release your creation to the world.  Sometimes though, you get a second chance.  George Lucas epitomises this phenomena.  Audiences didn’t appreciate it when Lucas revised Star Wars.  Long time fans lashed out at him when he released the special edition movies.  Japanese fans of Dragon Ball Z had a similar reaction when the special edition version of the show, called Dragon Ball Z Kai came out.  I haven’t watched the Japanese subtitled version of the shows so I can’t judge that version of Kai.  But I did watch the English dub.  And it is the best Dragon Ball Z to date.

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How to watch your anime

When I watch a new show on TV in the United States I watch each show as it is released, one episode a week.  Until recently I watched anime in a very different way, I would watch anime after all the episodes were released, usually four or five episodes at each sitting.   This led to different viewing experience compared to US shows, albeit one that I did not choose.  But marathoning anime is not the only choice anymore.  With streaming anime, available hours after the Japanese broadcast, I can now watch Japanese shows in the same way I watch American ones.  Now I have to choose which is better, marathoning a show or taking my time to watch one episode each week.