Kiba – 7 – Hollow Defeat

As insane as it may sound, the last two episodes of Kiba were actually quite good! If you then stop to consider that they also didn’t feature its main character, there is something undoubtedly wrong.
To keep me interested, a show has to have an interesting, involving and immersive story; Kiba doesn’t have that. Likeable and unpredictable characters can also help too; no such luck for Kiba here either, we gleaned some of these elements in the previous two episodes, but now we are back to Zed’s gladiatorial timeline any semblance of potential has flown out of the window.
Mindless, derivative action is about the only way I can describe this episode. As much as I wanted to see Kiba retain last week’s promising conclusion, I can’t hide from the fact that Zed and his general story is so incredibly cliche, predictable and hollow that watching Kiba is good for only one thing; reminding me how important genuinely innovative and creative anime actually is.

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This episode was hilariously bad, which Is the only reason why I still watch Kiba, a villain that draws on peoples faces *faints* truely terrifying.

I think you’re giving this show too much criticism…considering its target audience and purpose, it’s of a MUCH higher quality of other shows in its genre.
i.e. Naruto =P

I think my critisism of Kiba here is in large part due to the disappointment that it was unable to maintain the standards of the last few weeks.
And I’m sorry, but if you think Kiba is a better show than Naruto (pre-filler), then you need to have a word with yourself. It’s just not in the same league, WQ.

Yea this episode is rather boring but leads up to a really intersting and funny, not to mention very important part of the series. The first few episodes are to help introduce new characters and characters important to a few “wars” so to speak later as well. Watch a few more episodes and you’ll find out that our villian isn’t what he seems. It turns out that there is a fruad in their midst in more than one way!

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