Naruto – 201 – Weapons of mass destruction

It’s those damn terrorists again! As we’re all aware, the war on terror knows no bounds, and now, not even our anime is safe! The beloved hidden village of the leaf (known to gurning locals as Konoha) has become the target of crafty suicide bombers – who could have suspected berserk eagles with explosives strapped to their claws, aimed straight at the popular village’s renowned statue? One can only imagine how these ingrates managed to brain wash wild animals. Later that day, a veteran suicide bomber disturbingly hinted that it’s now only a matter of time before these eagles are taught to carry weapons of mass destruction.
Luckily for the civilised world, terror soon became jubilation when a brave group of young peace loving ninja, led by one Uzumaki Naruto, stood up for their love of freedom by beating the [geriatric] terrorist to death. Freedom for the win!

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I’m sooo sick of fillers that I don’t even wanna blog them anymore. I totally scrolled through this crap yesterday going "thank god this moronic arc is over" but then I was like "god damn next time is taht 3 episode filler arc anyway blahhhhhhh" yea I’m totally sick of this.

The prospect of a 90 minutes episode of filler – i.e. just like the theatrical movies but without the higher animation budget is a disturbing thought.
I’m sensing that they must finish soon though, so I’m jumping back on the Naruto bandwagon in the hope that I’ll be fully prepared once the real story makes its return.

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