New layout, same person

Developing in the background for a fair few weeks now, I’m pleased (though… perhaps relieved is a better word?!) to finally unveil the colourful new layout of “Bateszi Anime Blog”!
In an attempt to break away from my conventional (boring) grey style, I’ve ended up with a “passionate” red colour scheme – gasp – if just to prove it’s not only the yuri fans who can get away with pink; us Shounen Jump fan boys are in touch with our feminine sides too!
I wish I could say there is some over arching concept behind this drastic overhaul – I could make up something about the “autumn leaves” in the banner, but truthfully, it’s all about as random as the butterflies you can see in the right menu, but don’t they look pretty? If you have any comments, good or bad, I’d love to read them.

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Well, it’s a new layout, that’s for sure. It’s uh…nothing I would have expected to come from you. But yeah…it’s a new layout. Yep.

It’s certainly brighter than the old colour scheme, which was pretty heavy with the grey tones. I like the way you’ve kept the amount of stuff in the menu down too – it’s probably a bit less daunting to new visitors than the old, longer menu.
Good work! 🙂

Finally, someone besides me uses pink! XD Although mine is girlier. I like the new layout — can’t go wrong with red.

omg, pink… this new layout is horrible.
Did u turn into a girl overnight?
Im sorry..but at least im being honest. :p
whats more, your old layout was really cool.
comment 2 wants to say what i just said, but is too polite.

Thanks for all the feedback – good or bad – sometimes it’s important to throw yourself into something completely different. I desperately wanted to get away from my favoured but overused style of grey boxes, and went with red instead. This is first time I’ve used red so prominently and obviously I’m happy (hence its live) how its worked out – as a website developer, I needed a different style of design to avoid looking like a "one trick pony".
The blog is a lot more distinctive now – visitors will remember this layout whether they want to or not, and I’m looking to define that unique identity rather than just go with a typical template and become "another blog" in a pool of indentikit WordPress and Blogger layouts.

Just to say that i was a little bit surprised by the new layout… it is very… very FLASHY, to say the least. But of course, new things take time to like sometimes… but hey! thanks for the update and all! take care!
PS: I honestly don’t think the layout is AS terrible as some make it sounds… just different from the grey one… lol

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