Kemonozume – 10 – Sex-starved monkeys and eating fish with giant detectives

Since we’re now hitting the final couple of episodes, Kemonozume is building up to an action packed climax. The villain, or “big boss”, has turned out to be the fat Ohba – I liken his bizarre appearance to that of a clown, and deep down, we’re all scared of clowns – their smiley made-up faces covering a deeply seeded malevolence. Just ask Stephen King! Ohba wields a double “Kemonozume” too; both his arms are transplanted claws ripped from innocent young flesh eaters – so no doubt, he will prove a fearsome opponent for Toshihiko. He is a vile and nasty piece of work.
As for Toshihiko, he’s off training with sex-starved monkeys and eating fish with giant detectives. When I’m watching Kemonozume, I hardly noticed how fucking strange this series is. Yuka has been abducted by Ohba, so he’ll need to power up if he’s going to get her back.
Artistic and mad is a word I’d use to describe Kemonozume’s typically staggering opening few seconds – this time, I imagine it could be a tripped out dream sequence seen through the warped perspective of an insane and drunk Adolf Hitler. It’s like watching a fragmented, dizzy replay of a drunken memory.
To honest there’s no easy way to sum up Kemonozume’s visual epilepsy. You really have to see it to understand how damn colourful it is; so do that. Go and watch Kemonozume.

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I too am puzzled by the deafening silence in the blogsphere over Kemonozume. It deserves more noise.
Ohba-san’s voice actor is a genius. He’s obviously having a lot of fun with it too. Didn’t I remember Ohba being a surprisingly sympathetic character (considering his appearance) back in the early days of the Kifuuken? Now he’s like Idi Amin with a reservoir tip.

I for one am anticipating that Toshihiko will end up having to take Yuka’s arms to kill Ohba. And the cycle of violence and death will continue (spurred onward by consumerism, lust, etc.).

@ojisan : I’m sure if Kemonozume looked like Kanon or Code Geass, otaku would be all over it. It’s a shame that people, even anime fans, seem to hate change. Myself – I love odd and experimental art styles and ironically, I doubt I would be as interested if Kemonozume did look more "conventional".
@Michael B.: I hope that doesn’t happen Michael, I think it would be a lot more interesting to see Toshihiko and Yuka try and live together. Given their base natures, I wonder how Toshihiko could control Yuka’s blood lust. Their whole relationship is based on absurdity, and to see one of them die would perhaps deny the story of any ultimate resolution.

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