One Piece Movie 6: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island – This will scare kids

Shonen Jump movies aren’t exactly known for their quality; they usually amount to little more than 1.5 hours worth of fan-servicey filler, but when I discovered none other than Norio Matsumoto animated “One Piece Movie 6: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island”, I just had to check it out. For those who aren’t aware, Matsumoto is an amazing action animator capable of capturing some stunning movement — he was the guy behind those episodes (30, 133) of Naruto.

So I sat down to this movie expecting great animation and hoping for a fun story, what I got far exceeded my expectations. This was a great movie, the last 30 minutes of which were an explosion of post-apocalyptic scenery and nakama-love, Luffy style. The Straw Hats come within whisker of dying, and in an outstandingly cool scene Luffy is almost crucified when impaled by dozens upon dozens of arrows. It looks breathlessly stylish, is undeniably darker than the TV series and like the best of One Piece, shows real heart.

For all its action-packed gusto, One Piece’s greatest strength has always been the steely bond of comradery between the Straw Hats. I could sit through hours of One Piece fillers just to see the characters interact and mess about. Movie 6 understands this, and what this results in is an almost heart-breaking tribute to Luffy’s loyalty to his nakama. Some of it borders on outright horror — during one especially grotesque moment, the Straw Hat pirates (excluding Luffy) are squished together and mutate into a kind of slimy, fleshy plant stalk that grows out of the deranged villain’s shoulder; it looks disgusting. In another shocking scene, Luffy has arrows shot through his hands and feet, blood pours from the wounds. He is in pain. You know it’s bad when Luffy is writhing in agony. This will scare kids.

Given my love of Matsumoto’s art, it should go without saying that Movie 6 is jaw-droppingly beautiful. The finale is an absolute tour-de-force of high budget Shonen Jump action — hand to hand combat, big open spaces, lightning quick movement, crazy special moves; arrows cloud the sky, Luffy’s gomu-gomu attacks have never looked as good.

Running in at a mere 90 minutes, this is essential viewing for One Piece fans. You just have to see the last half.

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i saw that movie too. i just saw 5 of the 7 one piece movies, and that’s the 1 that impressd me d most. i like dat scene of the million arrows too. if u see when luffy looks back, it seems like luffy has mars behind him. the animation is not exactly perfect, but its a tremendous and a bit scary movie

wow are u guys fucking serious? i thought that episode was unbearable to watch. "Given my love of Matsumoto’s art, it should go without saying that Movie 6 is jaw-droppingly beautiful." how can u say that the art was beautiful? that was like watching 2D cartoon art in the 90’s. i have much more to say but i don’t want to flame u, but that first comment just had to be said.

Anonymous – It’s all a matter of taste really, but I genuinely love how dark and odd this movie looks. So different to the (still great looking) TV series. Furthermore, Matsumoto’s animation gives the action a real sense of mortal danger and bone breaking gravity. I’ve watched clips from the movie a few times since writing this review and still adore it. The last 30 minutes are awesome.

I just saw the movie and boy, WAS IT COOL!!! It is far the best One piece movie of all!!!!
I was really moved in the "emotionnal" scenes.
Luffy is sure a great captain!!^^

I’ve watched this movie several times and each time I watch it, it still gets me.
It’s my favorite One Piece movie so far!
The animation is really different than from the origonal anime and I like it!
I’m a big fan of gorey stuff so this movie really hit the spot for me.
It’s also so emotional. I nearly cried a few times. Espiecally the part where Luffy, believing his entire crew has perished, hangs his head and waits for the baron to finish him off; not wanting to live without his friends.
This movie shows the real heart behind the anime and what it’s all about. Nakama. Plain and simple. 😀

I know about this movie! I haven’t watched all of it but i’ve seen some clips and that whole creepy, yet awesome part. I love movies like this! I also saw those tests at the beginning. 10 out of 5!(It’s a joke) I loved this movie!

This was my favorite One Piece Movie. It was amazing to me. I really love this type of animation. The way it looks is just amazing to me. I watched the movie around September last year, and I loved it. The only move I haven’t seen is the 7th one, but I’ve seen parts of it. I can’t wait for the 8th one though, will be cool.

I’ve seen all seven of the current movies, and all I can say is that this one is by far my favorite. I thought the difference between the normal animation and Matsumoto’s animation was a bit strange, but it gave the movie a nice feel. The last bit kind of creeped me out, but it was all just so awesome! Not to mention I liked DJ. He was funny. Overall, it was a kickass movie, and I can’t wait for the 8th one!

does anyone knows where i can download it with english subs? in high-quality/dvd-rip? the quality on youtube is awful…

X, Kaizoku-Fansubs are about to release their version of movie 6.
There’s also a version by Balf that was released last year.

I thought it was very beautiful also. I mean, I shouldn’t say "ignoring", but putting the disguisting parts and details aside, if you look at it, the whole picture behind the movie was really nice. It also got me thinking: "wow… what a man like Luffy would do to save his nakama…". I pratically felt like crying when I saw that Luffy looked like he was close to death, since he’s come a long way.
And now if we look at the movie overall… yep. It’s pretty disgusting.

Yeah, Elise! I agree! I saw this scene on YouTube. It was an AMV called "This is Halloween" Believe me! I cried too!! Luffy is by far the best captain when it comes to doing anything to save his nakama!!!! It was so touching. But you know, I don’t think Oda would let them DIE!! Pretty close, but not die!! Only thing is… I DIDN’T SEE HOW IT ENDED!!! HOW DID HE SAVE THEM!?
I felt bad about not seeing HOW he won over evil!!! But it was awesome!!!!

I watch the movie. I liked a lot!!!! It’s my One Piece favorite movie. I hate Muchigoro, but I love DJ… XD XD XD Lily is so lovely when it is a little flower, isn’t it?? I love the animation and the movie was amazing!!! XD XD XD

I saw an AMV of this movie and absolutely had to watch the movie afterwards. The art itself was worth watching the movie. Simply gorgeous. It was my first One Piece movie, too.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! some of it was freaky… BUT IT WAS AWWWESOME!!!!! MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!

I enjoyed this quite a bit, everything I had heard about it before I saw it said that it was the worst of the one piece movies and I disagree. The ending alone made me squeal with happiness at how incredible it was. But the song I’ve been hearing play at the end is awesome but I can’t find who does it or what its called. If anyone new that would be great.

i think most people say this is the best movie
but recently i have seen few minutes of movie 9
now that will be the best one
animation was superb cant wait until the sub

Dude, Norio Matsumoto only played a tiny role in the animation of this movie, he was just one of a hundred different key-animators. The overall line-style used is distinctly characteristic of Mamoru Hosoda who used it in Digimon: Our War Game a few years earlier and has since used it in The girl Who leapt through time. If anything you it should be him , Sushio and the other animation/art directors you’re praising.

the art is definetily different. I have a love hate relationship with it. I mean I love the secere and how some of the characters new looks but…… something is bugging me. I think it’s the way the characters are drawn. Their arms are to skinny, and their faces look a little funny. (well ussops face can’t be helped, you always looks funny!)

I thought I should mention this, among One Piece fans, Naoki Tate is the one most credited for animating this movie (he did movie 9, ep 397, did part of the final Lucci vs Luffy ep)

Conatins Spoilers.
I would have preferred a bit more action. Also i dont like it when the straw hat crew are so close to annihalation by some guy which doesn’t even look that strong and has to be saved by a weak guy shooting an arrow. The villain should have been alot stronger and fiercer, so that even if the luffy crew lost to him it would not have meant they were weak. The pirates that luffy has beaten in the past could easily beat that guy. Anyway those two things messed it up for me. 6.5/10

Movie 6 has to be one of the best one piece movies there is. and that for many reasons:
1. the plot is well thought out and entertaining (not your average filler episode or movie, but it has its own original storyline), and is not completely predictable. sure, the good guys always have to win in the end, but when the crew (excluding luffy) began to grow in a mutated mess from that flower and luffy himself got showered by a thousand arrows, i totally wasnt expecting it. it was a dark, but entruding suprise.
2. the animation was beautiful. many people might disagree, and even I hated the animation at the start, but it begins to grow on you after a while. the characters are drawn in a rather… scruffy way, but the background is amazingly animated and almost 3D, and to be honest, looks quite good up against the more flat, 2D characters. and towards the end, the art actually fited quite well with the dark theme of the fight.
3. the villain was unique. one piece fans will know what i’m talking about when i say that many, many one piece villains are made to be hated by the viewers. for example, who DIDN’T cheer when luffy epically defeated bellamy in one punch? i bet all OP fans were itching for luffy to beat the crap out of that guy, and that was exactly how Oda wanted people to feel, really. the villain was made to be hated. but in movie 6, its quite a different issue. the villain in this plot is just a pirate captain who lost his crew, and what he’s doing is breaking up other pirate crews to take out his sorrow and then feeding them to his pet flower who has the ability to bring his friends back to life. all he wants deep down is to continue living with his beloved ‘nakama’. like what he ‘says’ to his dead crew at the end when he is defeated, “…guys! dont go! please dont leave me all on my own!” it makes you feel sorry for the guy, even if he did just almost kill the strawhats. and when he goes on to considering moving on and meet new nakama, makes you think that he’s actually a good guy deep down. i think what makes this guy unique is that he’s not really completely evil (stopping at no ends to… i dont know, take over the world), but has his own story and his own humane feelings; he’s actually a likeable character when you get to know him.
4. Luffy doesnt defeat the bad guy. :O (Shock shock!) i think for the first time in One piece history, someone else delivers the deciding blow to the bad guy! you might think, ‘wait, no! luffy DOES deliver the final blow! he punches baron!’ well actually, do you really think if luffy punched baron it would stop him? the punch was just a good way to end things. baron had actually already been defeated. once lily carnation died, the strawhats were already saved, and luffy just punched baron to stop him from taking revenge. luffy never kills his enemies; he just destroys their dreams and shatters what ever evil plot they had planned. and the guy that shot the arrow into lily carnation did that for luffy. he kllled baron’s flower, which meant his plans were destroyed. so this was quite rare in OP since luffy was always the one that kills the bad guy (well more like, kills their dream). but considering how luffy had just taken hundreds of arrows directly, i think he was in no condition to fight anymore, so making him recover unrealistically fast and letting him take out the bad guys would be quite stupid anyway, wouldnt it? in some animes, the main characters encounter no difficulties and are always the supreme ones, and this gets annoying after a while. we want to see realism once in a while! people do fail! it’s an unavoidable part of life! so i think movie 6 ended showing that even luffy isnt perfect or all powerful, and that’s a good and realistic theme to go by.
5. the music keeps the original anime spirit. although this is the case in all the one piece movies, i just feel i should mention this, because it’s true what they say (well, what big al on youtube, says): changing the music, changes the mood. in some anime movies, many new soundtracks are used and that sometimes loses some of the original anime feel. i love the way movie 6 used many original anime soundtracks. especially after luffy goes to face baron for the final showdown, the use of the soundtrack ‘im here with you’ (used during CP9 when Robin shouts, “i want to live!” an epic scene that was) couldnt have fitted the fight any better. it was an outstanding piece of music that sent shivers up my spine when it played, and i think it made the epic mood of the scene.
right, i think i’ve wrote a mini essay -_-‘ to conclude i’d just like to say that i loved the movie a lot (and i mean a LOT) and i’d recommend it to any one piece fan. though it’s true; the final 30 minute may scare little kids XP

honestly speaking, i didn’t like it much…and now before you all bash me let me tell you why.
1. i love one piece the way it ALREADY is, without dark and gloomy! i get that from my other animes already! =)
2. i absolutely loved the plot in this film! it was a well thought out story except that this wouldn’t happen in the one piece world! this could have been an inuyasha film…demons and all…or bleach if lily turned out to be some super powerful hollow…
3. one piece is about nakama so it would take WAY more for the crew to argue to this extent than usopp ‘escaping’ by himself or taking zoro and sanji’s bickering to a new level…and never ever would loyal sanji blame his captain because robin and the others went to take a ‘stroll before dinner’…lol don’t think we should underestimate the strawhat crew…i mean seriously sanji didn’t even say anything during the whole luffy vs usopp thing.
so that’s my opinion. but i guess it’s to be expected since oda didn’t actually write this, so it would be out of character.
btw i did cry during movie 6…but i just can’t see it as part of one piece if you know what i mean! =P
but movie 10 was seriously epic!
ps- woah…that was long…

I absolutely loved the darkness and animation style. It was visually beautiful. Some parts made me replay certain scenes just to see the motion and artwork. I loved it that much.
But for me, it just doesn’t fit for One Piece. One Piece is meant to be happy, not a dark angst anime. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the artwork. But honestly, it just doesn’t fit. And the fact that they didn’t even squeeze in any Straw Hat comedy that makes us laugh out loud doesn’t help either.
That’s not what bugged me the most. What bothered me the most was the fact that most of the characters were completely out of character. First we have Nami being angry at Usopp like a girlfriend/boyfriend fight while in the real anime Nami would of been really ticked off at first but would easily let it go. Then we have Sanji blaming Luffy for everyone’s disappearances and danger. No matter how stupid and reckless Luffy is and how angry Sanji would be at him, he would never go face-to-face to his own captain and say “It’s all your fault”.
I’m surprised the actors didn’t say anything about it. But I guess that’s how it works.
The plot really bothered me too. I saw plot holes. Lots of them. And to me, the story was weak. The villains and new characters were just bland for me. No parts made me cry, though I did smile a little at the end.
I’m not bashing. I’m just stating my opinion. Though the One Piece 10: Strong World…amazing.
But it’s because Oda wrote it himself, isn’t it? Yup I guess that’s it. He needs to make more plots for the movies.

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