Another new blog layout, Rock Lee style

It’s been nearly four months since I last tinkered with the layout, but last week I caught the designers bug again (*sniff* along with a cold too *sniff*), and so… this is the result! Of course I hope you like the fresh new look, I have to admit it’s a little more ‘accessible’ than my last (decidedly pink) effort, and besides it has awesome characters in the banner, albeit in a grungy stained style; naturally Rock Lee needed to appear on the blog before the second series of Naruto begins.
Anyway – irregular service will resume shortly. If you have anything to say about this new layout, like it or loathe it, I’d love to read your comments.


  1. Thanks for the comments guys, even if you don’t like Rock Lee, Morgin_Back 😉
    Incidentally if anyone preferred the old layout, you can now revert to it by using the "Change Theme" option in the right menu (bottom option). The red/pink theme is called "Autumn Haze" while this new one is "Spring-time of Youth". If I can dig it out from the archives, I may try and resurrect the ultra-old grey one too.
    … Now everyone should be happy … Or not? 🙂

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