One Piece – A nostalgic comment, nearing the end of my adventure

I’m up to episode 301 of One Piece; 15 more and I’ll have finally caught up with the current fansubs. It’s taken me nearly three years to get this far and now I’m almost there, I have this weird feeling. It’s been great knowing that if I’m ever bored with anime, if I ever wanted to watch something that I knew I’d love, I could always lose myself for hours on an adventure with One Piece. Yet in a few days time, that’s all going to change. I’ll be waiting each and every week, like all the other straw-hats, for just one measly episode. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer watching anime in bulk. 23 minutes per week just isn’t enough and having to wait so long between cliffhangers totally fades my enthusiasm. Almost just as much, I’ll miss writing about the series in this way too, I suppose my One Piece posts have largely come to define me as a blogger, so for what it’s worth, thanks for reading! I’ve had so much fun talking with you guys about the show.
Anyway… I started writing this because I wanted to sound off about Enies Lobby. Episode 301 marks the turning of the tide in favor of the Straw-hats; basically, Robin is saved, thank god! I’m not sure how much more I could take of the bastard Spandam’s violent abuse; he’s the first villain in One Piece that I’ve truly come to hate, given his unrelenting and harrowing treatment of Robin. Best of all, the one to save her, at the darkest of dark moments was, of all people, Usopp (or Sogeking, if you want to get technical!); I love that he’s finally done something to be proud of (good job on Sanji’s part, talking some sense into him) and saved a dear friend with his own two hands.
From the various CP9 characters, my favorite has to be Kaku. Not only does he have this cool square nose and an innocent sense of humor (HAHA! Giraffe!) , he was probably the only CP9 assassin to show a little humanity. Once Zoro finishes him off, we see this bitter-sweet flashback to his time in Water 7; I love that scene of him jumping over the city, flying through the clouds at such a speed with that big smirk slapped across his face.
Now, I’m about to embark on my final catch-up with One Piece. I can’t wait to see Luffy beat down Rob Lucci. Until then!

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The end of Luffy vs. Lucci is EPIC! Here’s to your full enjoyment of it! But if you think that’s the last of it, think again – the stuff coming is huge, huge, HUGE! ^^

I’ve enjoyed reading your entries on One Piece. I guess this is one of those series that doesn’t really need the exposure, but I’m kind of surprised that no one really blogs about it.
It’s too bad about catching up and having to wait, but these last bunch of eps are worth just blasting through in one go. Good luck!

Your One Piece blog posts were 1 of the factors that got me back into watching it after stopping very early a few years ago.
I’m not looking forward to the next batch of filler starting with tomorrow’s ep 317 but it’s necessary, the next arc of the manga has some of the weirdest character designs in One Piece so far and some have been pretty weird already

i know what you mean me too just caught up with one piece
but there are alot of good anime that you can start
i started watching black lagoon which is awesome
maybe you can start watchig Hxh

I’m definitely on the look out for something new to get into. HxH is on the list, but I’m probably going to do a bit of research on ANN later and see what other top rated anime I’m yet to catch. Ideally I’d rather a shorter 26 episode show since I’ve just come from the mammoth anime that is One Piece. I’m looking at something like Devil Lady, which I’ve heard is rather good.

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