Death and rebirth

Welcome to the latest version of Bateszi Anime Blog; all WordPress’d up and ready for action. I hope you like the new layout too – this is the fifth time I’ve changed it in a year! Please note, since I’ve switched over to the WordPress system, a lot of the old Bateszi URLs will no longer be working – the most important one being the RSS news feed; if you subscribe, please update your feed readers to point at this new URL. Regular service shall be resumed shortly, but in the mean time, please bask in the shiny newness!

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Ooh!! Such a pretty layout! =D! Love the header even if I wasn’t that crazy about the show. To quote Kingsley Shacklebolt from the new Harry Potter film, “you got style.”
…Gah, I’m so jealous. XD

love the new layout. especially love the eureka 7 banner up top. who in their right mind doesnt love Talho??? lol. speaking of kingsley shacklebot, i just got back from hp5. its so weird. i remember picking up the first book when i was 12, i remember picking up book 5 my senior year of high school, lol it was right after football practise and i went straight to barnes and nobles in my uniform, helmet and all everyone was staring at me like i was crazy. lol. seeing book 5 on screen was sure an experience…. time sure has gone by.
so which anime from my list r u gonna embark on?

An excellent new layout – clean, clear and easy on the eyes. Well done on opting for the convenience of WordPress too – I haven’t looked back since installing it either. Shiny newness is good. 😀
@Kauldron 26: Damn right about E7 – I’m halfway through it and it’s downright excellent. I’m still waiting to see you get a blog of your own y’know… 😉

@Xerox: Thanks! I’m going to see the new Harry Potter movie later this evening, hopefully it’ll be to up scratch. And I like your new layout too – I’ll be sure to post some nice comments on there once I get some time.
@kauldron26: As ever, the similarities between us are quite scary. I’m also a big of a Harry Potter fan – I’ve even got the new book on pre-order! MUST. HAVE! Anyway, I’m watching Chrono Crusade; up to episode seven so far. I’m planning an article on it for next week!
@Martin: Thanks! I was amazed by how easy it was to do everything in WordPress. Even the installation of plug-ins is just matter of clicking a few buttons ~ saves me spending half a day coding it myself! Anyway, I’m glad you like the new layout, I’ve been scrutinizing it for a couple of weeks now, getting worked up over some random margin padding.

This is my first time visiting your site, and I must say I do really like the layout. I have to agree with Xerox, I wasn’t crazy about E7 either, but the banner is very nice.

@BrikHaus: Thanks! I’m glad you liked your first visit 🙂 As for the banner, I can’t really claim any credit for it, seeing as it’s just some E7 promo art, but I must admit I went through at least 40 to 50 images before deciding on this one.
@KT Kore: Cheers for the kind words. And you need to get back to blogging! I’ve been wondering where you got to.
Anyway, thanks for the comments guys. I intentionally made sure this post didn’t appear on the anime aggregators like Anime Nano, so it’s nice to know people are visiting without me needing to be on those lists.

*face palm* Yeah… I’ll get back to it pretty soon. I’m in the process of catching up with stuff right now. It’s been a very busy month with me taking way too many summer courses in college then I should (a very bad thing!), and getting ready to transfer to a new university. I’ve also been working on something new for the site which takes up a good chunk of time as well. Well, you didn’t ask for my life’s story but I will be back very soon. In the meantime, erratic “catchup block” posts will continue.

glad to hear ur ok KT, i was wondering where u went. there are r very few blogs that i read because there are very few bloggers that i have similar tastes with. just bateszi, kt and Martin.
@Martin, whatsup man?? yea ive considered that blogging thing, but i just graduated and im trying to decide if i should go to med school, grad school for psych, or just work in a lab. shit is crazy man. the real world is here… what r u guys (bateszi/martin and KT) doing with ur lives?? we’re all in our twenties right??

@KT: Now I’m curious about this new thing you’ve got in the works. I read over at Itsumo that it’ll involve a mic, but won’t be a podcast… The natural assumption then; it’s not karaoke, is it? 🙂 Also, I’m eager to read your thoughts on the latest episodes of Gurren Lagann – especially episode 15… It’s hard to express the awesomeness with mere words alone.
@kauldron26: Med school? Wow, you’re gonna be a doctor?! You must have loved MONSTER! 😉 As for me, surprise surprise, I’m a full-time website developer – I finished up at university in late ’04 and have been punching into the office ever since! It’s a fun job ~ I guess I was born to use the ‘net. And yup, I’m 24.

@bateszi – Awesome that you’re doing what you enjoy for a living. It’s my dream to be able to do the same. I’m 22 and going to school to get into motion graphic design. I’m nearly finished myself, so the real world gets ever closer. I just hope it all goes well. I just can’t even imagine being able to do something I love for a living. It almost sounds too good to be true.

Oh, so this is where you moved to. I was wondering if your RSS was malfunctioning or anything, but I suppose there’s no need for that now, heh. You should have at least made a post on your old blog before moving. 😛

Hey Owen, sorry about that. I actually planned for a smooth transition between the blogs, but it never really happened. Once I installed WordPress, it blocked all of my old URLs, so my hands were tied. Besides, I’m not big on shameless self indulgence! 😉 You’ve not missed much anyway, just me declaring that “anime” is dead!

Haha, no need to apologize. Enough people linked to that anyway, so I guess it’s all well and good that we’ve got a sufficiently connected and conversational blogosphere. Let the fun begin!

so bateszi, i just finished deathly hallows. man… we gotta talk about this. i loved it. i dont think it can or should be made into a movie. movie cant do it justice.

I’ve read up to chapter 6 so far. And I’m savoring it, so no spoilers! 🙂 Already, there’s been some hardcore violence, and I’m fearing any potential big deaths (if Hagrid dies, I’m going to be upset). At this rate, I’ll probably be finished in a week or so… I’ll leave a few comments on this thread to keep you up to date on my reactions!

so after seeing how high kanon is rated on anidb, i tried to watch it. i watched the first ep and fell asleep. then said i was prolly tired so i tried to watch the second ep and fell asleep. this happened till ep 7. no joke. seriously. and the animation… ugh… even tho its based on an H game like utawarerumono, utawarerumono was full of mysteries and awesomeness from the get go. Kanon bored me and bored me… Now i am supremely positive that moe and stuff is definitely not for me.
dude hurry up and finish deathly hallows so we can unleash thoughts.

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