Real men don't cry, Kaiji

Roasting Kneeling is the ultimate gar test


Try as he might…


…Kaiji will never…


…be as…


gar as Tonegawa because…


….real men don’t cry!

Well, that hurt! Watching this scene, aside from feeling a tad uncomfortable, was I the only one reminded of Han Solo being tortured by Vader in The Empire Strikes Back? It was the chair.

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Tonegawa was playing dirty all the time he isnt even half a man he was even a toy for the chairman
on the other hand
Kaiji wants to defeat the chairman for other people
now thats gar

The fact that Tonegawa could take his punishment without shedding a tear (although tears were IN his eyes, rather than falling from them) shows that he is indeed GAR and is, in a strange and twisted kind of way, honourable. In contrast, the fact that Kaiji shed MANLY TEARS at the sight of Tonegawa’s suffering proves that he has retained a measure of humanity that Tonegawa and the Chairman lack, even if it makes him look less GAR at first glance.
Either way, it was a demonstration of how even the villain is willing to take the punishment and how our hero is still capable of feeling pity for his fellow man, no matter how ‘evil’ the fellow man in question is.
Kaiji is still an epic and awesome show though…it’s not often I regularly check the download window and wish it to HURRY THE HELL UP.

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