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Band Spotlight: White Ash

I was first introduced to this wonderful band through “Crowds”, the OP of Gatchaman Crowds (which I still haven’t finished) and instantly fell in love with the edgy, deep voice of the female vocalist. But after looking for the song on YouTube, I discovered that the vocalist is actually a male, a very geeky looking one, at that.

If you are a person who can’t live without their lyrics and deep meanings, this is not the band for you. White Ash’s lyrics are 90% nonsensical Engrish, picked mostly based on sound and feel of the song. So if Engrish or lack of lyrics really turns you off, go ahead and step away. If you aren’t one of those people, here are the reasons I am in love with this band:

1. Nobita, the main vocalist, has a gorgeous voice. It is husky, rich, and textured (as delicious to listen to as red velvet cake is to eat). And his range, man!  I fell in love with his low voice but his high notes also send shivers down my spine.
2. The bassist is a boss female with amazing talent. And although I set her apart because, Jesus, female bassists are so damn cool, the guys on guitar and drums are wonderful as well. The band comes together to create really loud, strong, and fast tempo songs that occasionally show a bit of The Pillows influence. They also have some slower songs that make full use of Nobita’s flexible voice.
3. They are huge dorks. The prime example being the song “Jails”, in which Nobita dances around dressed as, what I believe to be, Nobita from Doreamon. It’s actually quite refreshing that none of the band members are lookers. Really, who cares if they look like a middle school garage band when they are making music as incredible as this!

And now I hope you’ll give them a listen. My personal favorites are “Crowds”, “Deadmans On The Dancefloor”, “Casablanca”, and “Jails” (in that order). Join my fangirling; click on that playlist!

8 replies on “Band Spotlight: White Ash”

I really like them, actually. I didn’t watch Gatchaman Crowds so this is the first I’ve heard of them but every song you’ve linked here seems solid and well, rockin’. Will have to add them to my iPod 🙂
By the way, have you heard of Kinoko Teikoku? They haven’t been in an anime OP or anything yet, but Celeste found them a few years ago when they were touring US/Canada. They are awesome:

I hadn’t heard of them before but from the few songs I listened to, I like their sound. I will research them some more~

Mmm… I like. I listened to a few songs, and liked them all. Nice melodies, nice mood, good singer. I feel like I can use these songs as background music while planning some scenes to my stories, and while reading some manga. Specifically, some manga I’d otherwise have trouble finding suitable music for. This is a bit different music than what I usually listen to.

Isn’t it a great feeling to actually like something outside your comfort zone? (This is what happened when I started avidly listening to jazz. It wasn’t something I grew up with and was very different from all the rock I was used to listening to, but it drew me in nonetheless)
Ps. I’m surprised you could actually use this as BGM. It would distract me so much.

These guys make me feel old, they look at most 14 years old. I did find the song catchy, but it was hard for me to take the angsty looks from the lead singer seriously given how young he looked.

I couldn’t agree more. They look so darn young! But I also find it a bit charismatic and refreshing since all of my favorite J-Rock bands are in their 30’s.

I also found White Ash because of Gatchaman Crowds which I finished! Freaking fantastic anime series.
I surprisingly thought they have that feel similiar to The Pillows but still think White Ash has Nobita’s way more powerful singing voice with them , so think somehow their music sticks with me stronger.
My favorite song from them is Crowds. I’ll try the others and great idea to highlight this musical band from an anime series.

Omg, I STILL haven’t finished the series. It’s still in my queue so I know I’ll finish it eventually.
And yeah, most people say they really remind them of The Pillows. But as you said, Nobita’s voice is stronger and so distinct that although I am not fond of The Pillows, I fell in love with this band.

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