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Big Robots on the Big Screen

The first time I watched Evangelion I I hated everything about it.  Most of all I hated the characters and how slowly the series seemed to move.  The disconnect I felt with Shinji and his eternal state of depression did not help either.  When I heard that the creators’ were rereleasing the show in a series of movies I had mixed feelings.  I didn’t want to suffer through another eight hours of Evangelion if it was just a graphics facelift.  I still held out hope that instead of just retelling the story, the new version would address the problems of the original series.  My hopes were dashed with the first installment, Evangelion 1.0, which seemed almost identical to the TV show.  Now that I’ve seen Evangelion 2.0 on the big screen, I can finally say that an enjoyable version of Evangelion has finally arrived.