A fatal Attraction

In what ended up being one of the cooler mornings I’ve had recently, I stumbled upon Koji Morimoto’s Attraction via twitter. Not knowing what to expect, but hearing it paired with the words “interactive anime”, I clicked. What followed was one of Studio¬† 4C’s latest experiments with the anime medium. Their involvement with the upcoming… Continue reading A fatal Attraction

Tobira O Akete (Open the Door)

Being a big fan of the works of Koji Morimoto (Memories: Magnetic Rose, Animatrix: Beyond), I was quite pleased when I managed to track down one of his lesser known shorts – Tobira O Akete (Open the Door). Imagine a decidedly more colourful version of British animation classic The Snowman; a young girl is swept… Continue reading Tobira O Akete (Open the Door)