Greetings and Salutations

As is the proper tradition for us newbs, here is my belated introduction to the hectic world of blogsuki.
If this is the first time you have come across BATESZI; HI! I hope you stick around! Of course, that’s entirely down to your (and indeed, my) tastes in anime- I’ll give you fair warning though and say I won’t be reviewing Haruhi, Fate/Stay Night or whatever other “cute” series are popular right now. Sorry- we’re all about the mucky gems here at BATESZI, so prepare to gasp at the dramatic highs and gut-wrenching lows of Kiba, fall in the love with the beauty of TOKKO and drown in the deep, dark depths of Black Lagoon. I’m starting to worry I have bad taste in anime, but stick with me anyway.. could be worth a laugh?!
If you gloss over the hypocrisy of actively blogging the semi-popular Ergo Proxy, my main goal for BATESZI is cover the more overlooked and undervalued anime out there, as well as chipping in with the occasional article (read: rant) every now and then too. A long and winding road lies ahead. Thanks for reading and come back, please.

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Welcome to the community! 😀 I like your design/layout. I’m not following any of the anime you’re covering right now but I’m sure I’ll pick up a few later. Especially if they get good reviews! ;P

I am sorely lacking in blogs that cover Black Lagoon. Already gave up on Kiba. Have not tried TOKKO yet.

"I won’t be reviewing Haruhi, Fate/Stay Night or whatever other "cute" series are popular right now."
Oh, I so love you.

Aside from the header title punking out the banner image, it is indeed quite a nice layout.. I am surprised there’s not more Black Lagoon blogging going on as well. Not so surprised with TOKKO though, going from the first episode. Shall give it another chance or two to pick up though

Berserk = win. I notice you seem to lean towards dark action, which is a refreshing change from the sugary lolimoe norm. Yeah more guts, gore and darkness!

Thanks everyone for the comments, especially for the words on the layout. Designing is such an exhaustive process that it means that much more to me when someone comments on it.
Crayotic Rockwell: Header title punking out the banner image? I’ve tried downing the opacity on the title layer, so let me know what you think and/or how it could be improved.
DrmChsr0: I am seriously bl0gging Kiba, fer real, like.

I didn’t mean that.
I wrote a crazy article joking on how to get MFB status(highlight treatment). I thought someone took my advice seriously. I mean, with a disclaimer saying you have to be snorting lolis to take this seriously…
Hey, you’re blogging Mushishi. Cool.

It’s good to see you’ve made it onto the coveted Blogsuki roll at last – congratulations! I feel extremely tempted to add Black Lagoon to my own viewing backlog after reading about it here…it looks like it could be a really fun series.
Keep up the good work!

bateszi: Ah, actually I just went and loaded up your page in IE and I see the whole opacity thing now. Seems as though Opera webbrowser doesn’t like it, and just displays it as a large grey block however.
That’ll teach me for browsing atypically 😛

Crayotic Rockwell: I could hack the CSS so that it displays properly in Opera- I’ve already had to do so for Firefox and IE, just I guess I didn’t expect to have many Opera visitors 🙂

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