Naruto – 184 – Ad nauseam

The filler wasn’t supposed to go on for this long. A black hole of 48 straight episodes, 18 hours of pure nothingness; it would be funny if I didn’t love Naruto as much as I do, but as it stands this is a damn travesty. And the frightening thing is, an end to this utter farce is still no where in sight.
So this is basically how every filler arc has gone so far; Tsunade hands Naruto a stupid task under the premise that it’s actually a really important mission, Naruto complains but does it anyway; meets up with random Konoha genin- this time, it just so happens to be Kiba. Two or three Kage Bunshin no Jutsu’s later and mission complete. Throw in some completely redundant character development for Kiba and his pet hound Akamaru along the way and repeat the formula ad nauseam, but next time with Rock Lee, or Hinta, or Neji.
The sad thing is that a lot of what makes Naruto so much fun is still present here. The art direction (no matter how blatant the limitations on animation are right now) is as electric, colourful and bouncy as it always was and Toshio Masuda’s soundtrack never falls to enthral, compel and excite me. I still love seeing the characters pull off their unique ninjitsu moves and kick ass- but honestly, I’m in dire need of a story now, a real story, where when characters get hurt, they stay hurt. A story where Naruto (the character) isn’t such a third wheel- it’s hard to imagine that just one year ago, we were amidst Sasuke’s defection to the dark side.
Ahh well, at least I got to see the slick ANBU elites in this episode, even if they were reduced to abducting a (nin-)dog. How the great have fallen, eh?

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Ah, at least someone is keeping me up to date of where this show is (no way in hell i’m risking stumbling into the filler material myself)
What is with the animation anyway? The awful comedy stylings of the art team during the curry of life storyline was what really nailed the coffin shut for me. Is this just a temporary thing while the filler is in place to save money?

hmm, i have to say that naruto is sliding and the next 2 eaps are going to be fillers pretty much.
i need a story as well but i dont like the fact that they try and put comedy anime into serious, the only anmie that i have ever seen that be done well is full metal alcimist.
oh and one comment on the anabu "Ahh well, at least I got to see the slick ANBU elites in this episode, even if they were reduced to abducting a (nin-)dog. How the great have fallen, eh?"
to fall you had to be at the top, they were never at the top.
The anabu are probaly the most laffable nins i have seen, normal ninja can kick there ass and they were cannon fodder against the guys from the vilage of sand and one jumped into a jitsu from thoes sound nin and got fireballed
yea ANABU is cool 🙂
tell me the eapasode , minit and second where an anabu does somthing cool, tell me

oh and i dont care if people go and rag my spelling as i am on a coffee induced rampage right now.
if you make fun of my grammer that just makes proof of what i just said is 100% correct

Morgin Black said…
if you make fun of my grammer that just makes proof of what i just said is 100% correct
No, it doesn’t. It justs make you look like a retard who is too lazy to spell properly.
Episode was pretty damn boring. And how did Akamaru become that frikken’ big even if he was infected with some weird disease? The anime writers have no creativity at all and are making naruto look weak. Kage bunshin + Rasengan have almost become a given in each filler episode. I know there is not point in complaining about the fillers but GOD DAMN THEY ARE AWFUL!!

Chill out Morgin Black, you don’t need to get so wound up about this.
ANBU are cool for several reasons; they are elite ninja- even if they have been “cannoon fodder” so far, they are basically considered to be amongst the most ruthless, talanted ninja out there; hence Itachi being one. And they wear those cool masks too. Thinking about it, ANBU are the closest thing to traditional ninja in Naruto, given that they value slyness, speed and deft of touch. After all, they wouldn’t be protecting the Hokage if all they are is useless.

hey anon have a foreskin and use a name when ragging other people. ANBU are useless.
any fucktard who says that they have seen a battle where they win is a friggen liar cause they are just cannon fodder.

Anonymous I couldnt agree more 😉
Really… Its Naruto’s past episodes which keep me going… Lately Im simply getting bored with all these time killers. Does anyone know the real reason why a story cannot be continued? What are the point of the fillers??? Do the creators have no idea how to continue the story on? Employ me… I will make it interesting for everyone 😉

Well, believe it or not, they actually have a perfectly decent story that they could be using. There’s plenty of material in the manga…or at least I think there is, perhaps there’s some other reason they’re still holding out on us.
No, not the same anonymous who has posted above….

I’m not sure Anonymous, I guess they are just waiting to build up enough material so that they can plow straight through it for a good year, maybe more.
Logic tells me that they will return to the proper story with episode 208, I say that because it’s basically the next milestone of 26 episodes after 182.
Fingers crossed! I can’t wait to see Kakashi’s backstory!

I love how Naruto bitched to Jiraiya about using Rasengan so cheaply, but yes, it makes an appearance in just about every ep. It’s depressing that all of these ‘elite’ moves are being treated so nonchalantly. And I’m also starting to tire of Naruto’s perpetual cycle of ADD incompetent to unexpectedly wise/profound sage. Sigh. Why can’t we get back to a real story? Or even: why does the filler have to be so gheyed?

I was under the impression that the animators were concentrating on the Naruto Movie 2. However, recently I heard that they had finished it and it is out. I now hear that they are already working on Naruto 3, I am beginning to think this is becoming a sham for money.
208 Sounds logical, but I am really hoping for something more like 195, halfway into the season you know. Then again it’s just a hope. Maybe if not 195, then 200? That sounds like a good number to start on you know? Just do the Kakashi Gaiden Arc for 8 episodes. Everyone will be happy.

It ends on episode 225 and then gets back to the story line which is okay. Naruto is still an idiot with nothing new under his belt. Everyone else is way more powerful, though.

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