Naruto – 186 – The episode where Shino laughs

This episode makes a mockery of everything Naruto stands for and as a hardcore fan, there is a guilty voice saying I should be completely offended by it, but honestly, this episode was so off the wall and slapstick funny that I could not help but love every minute of it.
The premise is brilliant. Naruto and Shino are asked to attend a funeral on behalf of a “client”, the catch is that if the other guests at the funeral can make Naruto or Shino laugh, they will get a cut of the deceased’s fortune; cue some of the most surreal, weirdest attempts at humour seen this side of Cromartie High School. Given how serious this show usually is, it makes a nice refreshing change (especially within the confines of such endless, empty filler) to see the likes of Shino and Naruto just cut loose and laugh their heads off.
Episode 186 will not go down as the finest example of the Naruto anime, but right here, right now, I have to admit this is the most fun I have salvaged from Naruto for what feels like years.

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hmmm, i’ll check this episode out…. i haven’t been watching these fillers for i’ve seen some and they didn’t impress me.. i hope they start going back to the real story… 🙂

naruto is so cool i am just like him ppl think i bun hearin sasuke is gay lol…………..he is he thinks his better then naruto & he is just so good i dont like that…….bit

I loved this one,it made me laugh. When shino laughed i was suprised. Shino kinds of remind me of this boy dark and mystrious.

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