Jyu-Oh-Sei – 5 through 6 – Lost Love

To my frank and utter bemusement, we are now over half way through the 11 episodes of Jyu-Oh-Sei and although a part of me is glad to see every episode crammed full with so much story and character development, I can’t help but lament a narrative which is clearly moving a bit too fast for its own good, not least of all Thor’s transition from talented kid to Ochre Ring’s respected Top in a measly two episodes.
It is a shame because the rest of this show is outstanding. The planet of Chimera strikes me as a colourful, vast and dangerous place to live, the main characters convey and conceal their ambitions admirably and the story drives ever onwards with themes of love, betrayal, conspiracy and strength. Watching the likes of Thor and Tiz grow into adults adds a real sense of the depth to their personalities and if only we had 26 episodes to play with, the interwoven character relationships could have crushed us with their climaxes; in particular, it would have been great to see a few more scenes devoted to fleshing out such an inevitably tragic heroine like Chen.
Jyu-Oh-Sei is an exciting and immersive experience, but now I’m doubtful it can become a real classic.
Fan-girl translation of the above:
I love Jyu-Oh-Sei! Not that I seen all the episodes in the anime nor read the manga but it makes me really happy to watch how cute they all are 2gether! yay! And aww, Third are sooooo cute!!! Why aren’t boys in the “real” as cute as him? mwihihi ^^
well to everyone who reads this, just watch the anime it’s worth it!!!

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Sadly, you’re right – it’s just too fast. Thor’s transformation was the same in the manga, though, but it was supported by more character information and development (especially on him and Rai). With so much background info, I’m worried that the inevitable infodump will just take out the punch from some rather shocking developments, either because the characters won’t have time to have a proper reaction to them, or because the audience won’t care. :/
26 episodes would be too long, though… the manga is only five volumes long, most of which is background and character development, not story. But even 13 episodes would be enough (really, what the hell were the producers thinking?).
And OMG LIEK UR SO RIGHT!11 (Heh. I wonder what everyone will think of him in the end. :D; Provided Bones won’t change it.)

I’m torn between BONES sticking close to the manga (always a good thing) or just giving them free reign (like with FMA). The brotherly relationship between Rai and Thor was never developed and their fall from grace seemed especially fast. The characterisation is definitely the main casualty of this hyper speed and while it is by no means killing Jyu-Oh-Sei, it just means we have less time to grow to care about these characters.
And I hope my fan girl personation was realistic 🙂

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