One Piece – Pacifism and crocodiles don't mix

Having marched across endless miles of desolate landscapes and lifeless desert, Luffy finally snaps at Vivi and in his own unique way, lets her know a few important home truths; while admirable, her selfless pacifism can not save lives. Villains like Crocodile care not for reason and act not out of compassion, but rather their own greedy ambition. Nothing Vivi can say will stop him from trying to destroy her kingdom and take Alabasta as his own paradise, so it’s down to the likes of Luffy to fight the good fight and Vivi to rely on her nakama. She alone cannot save her country.
It’s great how Luffy explains all of this and he takes quite a beating from the Princess in the process. I love how characters like Luffy and Naruto, who act like such mindless idiots most of the time, can flick a switch and suddenly embody such wise and intelligent philosophy.
A clear direction for the Alabasta arc is now firmly set; Luffy is to hunt down Crocodile and I assume Princess Vivi will continue on to meet with the rebel army in the hope of talking them down from going to all out war (I wait in anticipation of her inevitably draining reunion with childhood friend turned influential rebel Leader). At this point One Piece is a truly country-spanning adventure of vast and epic proportions. Between such massive distance, thought provoking politics and compelling drama, I find myself relishing each and every episode.

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if you think THIS is good, wait until the climax of the arc. mind-blowing no matter how you look at it.

If it’s as good as the Arlong Park and Chopper arcs, I’m sure it will be brilliant. To be honest One Piece is probably the best Shounen Jump anime I’ve had the pleasure of watching, I have a soft spot for Naruto too, but I’m consistently amazed by One Piece, by how fresh and unique it remains despite passing 100 episodes. The characters are so great.
I have to watch Hunter-x-Hunter after catching up with OP, fingers crossed it’s just as good!

Hunter x Hunter is one of my all-time favorites. Many think it has a slow start but most agree that that it becomes an incredible series a short time down the road and gets better and better as it goes on. And the last arc in the TV series (and first OVA) is truly something to behold. Plus, it has one of the best characters ever — Hisoka. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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