Black Lagoon – 8 – Best.maid.ever

I write this post in lieu of discovering that Black Lagoon, surely the best anime airing in Japan at the moment, will only last a measly 12 episodes, and although I have heard rumblings that it should be continued in OVA form (no doubt adapting as yet unwritten manga chapters), 12 damn episodes just isn’t enough for a series as outright fun and exciting as Black Lagoon.
Now with that emotional outburst cleared from my system, it is with a reluctant joy that I can say that episode 8 is possibly the best yet. In terms of sheer climatic build up, the last 12 minutes were close to perfection. We’ve already had the absurdity of nuns with guns, so it seems worryingly natural that the newest character would be a military-trained South American house maid. It’s the way this character is introduced; the music is ripped straight from The Godfather as this cute-looking killer wanders from person to person, innocently inquiring about where to find the local Columbian mafia. Her young master narrates her journey, slowly building the powerful aura surrounding her and then you have the sunglasses, such a fucking cool look.
All this and we’ve yet to even see her in action. Just as she shoots her umbrella, the ending theme seeps in and that’s it. More next week. It’s one big tease, but damn, it’s really something.

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I’m sad that they left the Mad Dog arc so late in the series, since it was the second the story in the manga and REALLY awesome. But they’re doing pretty good with this episode, and I hope they don’t mess up the next one. If they mess up the orgasm inducing fights in the next episode I’ll be very pissed off.

You know, I’m waiting for Jason of AoMM to put up a post on the Combat Meido in Ep 8 and 9… and maybe compare her to Mahoro from Mahoromatic.

No fair. Black Lagoon is defintely one of the best — in terms of animation, character arcs, and direction — in the season. A twelve episode run is almost a sacrilege.
I’m trying hard not to spoil myself silly from reading the manga. I do wonder about the deviations and comparisons, though.

I’m a big fan of the manga, but I have to say the three anime episodes of Roberta’s arc piss all over the manga version.

And to make matters better, the OP theme came out today. A fantastic, fist pumping anthem if ever I’ve heard one!
I’m really tempted to look into the manga too, though to be honest I’d prefer the surprise of seeing something happen in the anime. It’s too good to spoil 🙂

WHAT???? 12 episodes only????? THAT SUCKS!!!! They shld make it like 50 or something like that!!! Anyone knows where to get the manga?

I did find the characters of this show interesting. But i found that maybe the series was trying too hard. In some instances its pretty cliched. I’m on edge though with whats gonna happen between Rock and Revy/Levy.

i dont want to sound stupid but does anyone know where i can read the manga online. i cant seem to find it anywhere let alone buy it

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