One Piece – Being the weak one sucks, just ask Usopp

Being the weak one sucks, just ask Usopp – beaten within an inch of his life and robbed of a new found fortune; the money was for everyone; for his nakama. They relied on him to carry it and he lost it. They wouldn’t lose it, but he did, because he is Usopp – the weak one. The material money is actually irrelevant; it’s just that the thieves stole his pride too. Hanging around with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper, this was bound to happen. He can’t keep crawling back to them for help, and so he goes alone to "Franky’s House", knowing full well he will take another thrashing; better to die trying than to live in shame, knowing deep down you’ll always be a burden to your friends.
When the Straw Hats find Usopp, he is lying unconscious on the stony beach; beaten, broken, no pride. Their loyalty to their friend surges forward and they utterly destroy Usopp’s spineless opponents; the house is levelled. They knew the money was long gone, but that was always irrelevant – they kept going to avenge their broken friend; Luffy says "Guys, don’t think we’ll leave any bones unbroken".
It’s not fair being weak, you can’t do anything. Episode 234 is an emotional, gut wrenching tribute that mirrors both Usopp’s insecurity and bravery, that it’s good to be able to look your mates in the eyes and show you did your best. The climax – the way the Straw Hats stick up for each other is the reason why I so adore this show.

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Usopp’s probably the most "normal" amongst the Strawhats, since his only weapon is his head… which doesn’t exactly always save him. Still, he has enough guts to go ahead opponents with the same caliber as his friends.
Don’t worry, a few bandages is all that he needs to get back up. ^_^

I wrote this without knowing Luffy goes on to fight Usopp. Such a sad fight, but I’m glad Usopp actually faced his insecurities. You can’t blame him for feeling out of his depth. Oh dear, it’s all going wrong 🙁

Issit just me..or does ussop piss you off too?? i mean chopper..i can understand with being cute and silly..but a grown man with speedo goggles …with a slingshot..acting all cocky =.=….mannn..i was hoping they were gonna set him off on an island by himself

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