Naruto Shippuuden – 1 to 2 – Well worth the wait, my fellow Narutards

I forgot how damn awesome Naruto is when it gets serious. These first two episodes are brilliant, the new soundtrack is wonderful too; dramatic, epic and even a little nostalgic. It just looks and sounds all grown up. After this and Mushishi, composer Toshio Masuda is fast becoming my favourite anime soundtrack-er.
There is an overwhelming sense of mythology and fate sweeping through the show now, for better or worse, the characters are growing up and fulfilling their potential – suddenly realizing Gaara had become the Kazekage of the Sand Village set against him striding a-top that building looking over his village was a great moment. The Sasuke meeting/Kyuubi scene was particularly good too, approaching theatrical levels of animation; you could cut the tension with a knife, while Naruto returning to Konoha and meeting with all his old buddies provided a massive injection of feel-good nostalgia and inane cuteness (Sakura is still borderline psychopathic).
Then there is the Akatsuki couple – especially the fat one, dragging himself across the sand, slowly walking through the desert, approaching the Sand Village; just two of them against an entire army – you know they are good; combined with the gigantic Star Wars influenced soundtrack building, swooning and chanting in the background, this scene was distilled, liquid awesome.
All in all, a more than welcome return to form. Riveting from start to finish. A big time pay off episode. And I just let off a lot of steam.

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yes episode was great
this is the first time i found this site but i feel you have the same taste as me
if you want to see anime that you will love like naruto you can watch hunter x hunter
it also has Norio Matsumoto
watch until hunter exam and you will be hooked

I love that shot of Naruto — standing there like the original Narutard while Sasuke prepares to slice him into veal cutlets. I also noticed the new soundtrack. I thought it was pretty good, but doesn’t yet have those "OMG Fight Music!!!" moments the old soundtrack had.

I always mean to get into Hunter X Hunter but I keep getting distracted. Sooner or later (when I’ve caught up with One Piece) I’ll give it a proper opportunity to snag me.
I wouldn’t rule out the fight music yet… The majority of the action in these first two episodes were tinged with drama, so the songs were notably slowly and heartfelt.

Biggest Narutard (pre filler) , but I found myself eyerolling about halfway through the episode. For some reason I felt like there was a lot of really pointless conversation and overly extended scenes.
That said the first five minutes/intro were actually pretty incredible. And like you said when the show gets serious it gets serious.

i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly love naruto and it would be the greatest help if you can give me the name of the background music for the preview of shippuuden episode 6 pleaaaaaaaaaaase ii beg of you

I loved the episode. Im glad that the shippuuden finally started. I was getting bored of the young naruto. And the episodes now are pretty action packed.

The old fillers were hurting my eyes and gave me a headache, they were just patheticly boring and the fighting scenes in the fillers are just… it lost it’s touch there tbh*.
Untill Naruto Shippuude, i cant come up with a decent word but this: Mindblowing!
The storyline are almost not moving and that’s for a reason, it’s supposed to be exciting.
ร‚ยจI forgot how damn awesome Naruto is when it gets serious…ร‚ยจ So did i for a moment untill my eyes had an orgasm lol

Oh yeah forgott my reason coming here.
Anyone know whats going on with the Naruto Shippuude delays? It seemse like when they’re trying to catch up to the lost release by a Naruto Shippuude Special and it gets delayed aswell… ๐Ÿ™

Narutard… In the past four weeks, there have been four Naruto episodes, just they’ve been aired in 1hr blocks instead of the standard 30mins. I’m not sure why this is, but never the less it doesn’t equate to a delay.
Cheers for your thoughts! ๐Ÿ™‚

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