Kanpai! Two years on, still a fanboy

bateszi_3_s.jpgPlease forgive the self-serving nature of this post, but I just wanted to point out that on the 4th of March, Bateszi Anime Blog celebrated its second birthday, yes, I know I’m woefully late, the date just totally slipped my mind until yesterday. Anyway, with every new year that passes on the ‘net, the fact this blog continues to thrive surprises me enough to be worth celebrating. Kanpai!
bateszi_4_s.jpgI’ve spent the last couple of hours looking over my archives and it’s amusing to see just how much my style has changed over the years. For example, in May of 2006, I made 31 separate posts about anime, but as of 2008, I’ll be lucky if I can write 6. My style has evolved from a strictly episodic style of anime blogging to this now weird hybrid of reviews, editorials and reflection. Why do I keep going? The truth is that, and always has been, I’m so passionate about anime that when I see something which really captures my imagination, it’s like I’m fit to burst with enthusiasm and I need to share that with someone…, anyone, as if my life depended on it. It happened again last week when I saw the trailer for Soul Eater; as long as anime like this continues to be made, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to survive without blogging; I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Of course, another big reason is loyalty to the community, that being the awesome people who take their time out to write comments and share thoughts with me, and then, of course, there’s my fellow bloggers too.
bateszi_s.jpgYesterday, I got an e-mail from the Anonymous Commitee (SEELE) running the inaugural Anime Blog Awards and since then, I’m flattered to have been I’ve been nominated in a select few categories, those being “Best Editorial Blog” and “Most Thought-Provoking Blog”. You have to be a blogger to vote and the categories are well structured, so, while it’s still a popularity thing, the voters are bound to be more discerning in their choices. I think it’s a really nice idea, very much a community-driven initiative, and I’ll be voting too.
bateszi_2_s.jpgI suppose this caps off a fine second year for Bateszi Anime Blog, from fun interviews to emotionally wrought reviews and nostalgic reflections to controversial drama, it’s been fun. Since you’re reading this now, I’d love to know more about you, like how long you’ve been visiting and what your favourite anime is? Regardless, thanks for reading.

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Woo, grats on the milestone, as 2 years is very impressive for a blog =). Thanks for including the old layout screenshots as well; I wish I had kept layout screenshots for all the old layouts of SS!AB (especially the ugly Blogger ones). I feel the exact same way you do about being fit to burst with the desire to share impressions about anime online and your passion definitely comes through in your writing.
Soul Eater looks like Shaman King with a touch of One Piece, so I can only imagine your anticipation =D.

Congrats! I always follow your blog and I wonder. Where do you download your anime?
No, I am kidding. Anyway, I am glad you made a post for the Anime Blog Awards, and I am sure that the committee is glad for your involvement in this community-based activity. You really summarized it well, and I hope you bring in a different blogs that deserve love!

Congratulations on making it to the two year mark! It’s strange to think that such a short ‘real life’ time is really quite long in internet terms…all too many good blogs never make it that far. It’s also fun to see those archived screenies of how the place has changed, but it’s heartening to know you’re still driven by that insatiable desire to convey your enthusiasm or point of view. Whether the publicity is positive, negative, intentional or unintentional, you’ve provided the spark for a lot of animated (pun intended) discussion which helps make the aniblogging community the fun place that it is.
I wouldn’t be too worried about frequency of posting either – the quality of what you write is still enviable, although I’ve always been an avid reader of editorial-type posts anyway! Besides, the number of comments that this blog receives from various people proves that being honest and topical is what matters more than feeling compelled to publish a new post in a certain time frame.
So, congrats again and here’s to another two years! ^_^

I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and it’s one of the few that I keep coming back to. You seem to have such great optimism about some of today’s anime compared to the rest of us, even after doing it for 2 years! Here’s hoping I can last nearly as long.
Happy blogging. Remember to keep that enthusiasm! πŸ™‚

I wouldn’t be so quick to single Soul Eater out if I were you. f the Soul Eater anime is anything like the manga then you may not be singing its praises for very long. The first volume I read was very fanservicey. I’m sort of surprised that you singled it out really. I mean I suppose it was the shounen thing that did it for you. I think what might help is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously so I guess in that regard it’s One Piece-like. It’s got a nice and different style to it too.
I do like the manga btw, it’s just at the point I’m at it is certainly more fanservice/comedy then any plot/fighting. I suppose it might get a bit more serious later on though…

Sadly, I don’t have a blog and you know what, i’m almost compelled to make one just so i can vote for you. Best editoral blog ever and most thought-provoking blog as well. And 2 years?! Wow, congratulations.. I’ve always been a lurker on your blog, i guess this is even my first time commenting here (i’ve always been a shy person, but yeah..that’s not an excuse). Whenever i read your editorial entries, i always get so much emotional. The first entry i read here, “Anime Fan Forever” really made me reflect on many things, not just anime-related. You have a way with words and your entries never fail to amaze me (even the mediocre ones). So there, I really hope you stay for a long long time in this blogospehere. I’m your loyal reader through and through.

Congratulations! Since the elder anime blogs are only – what? – four or five years old, two years old must make your blog maybe 40 in human years?
I can’t remember when I first arrived here, though it was probably early autumn ’07. What I do remember is a chance mention you made of Now & Then, Here and There, which sent me scurrying off to watch and enjoy it – if said series is something one enjoys.
And the screencaps are certainly interesting. I do like the way that with the current layout you can’t avoid seeing at least one article.

i remember my first post here i asked you to watch hunter x hunter
and nearly every time i post here i ask you to watch it
because you are my favourite writer and i cant wait to see you write about it
my favourite anime are Shōnen because i love long stories and animated fights
and mad house works
Soul Eater trailer was amazing and give me the same feeling when i saw TTGL trailer so i expect great things from it
and last keep writing man even if its one post per year you have fans now

Congrats on your two year anniversary and for being nominated for several awards. πŸ™‚
I honestly don’t remember when I started visiting but I think I found you when searching for Terra e. I remember thinking it was cool that someone was blogging about the series because it wasn’t receiving much attention from anywhere else. And then you kept blogging about other series I really liked. Your posts are always thought provoking and fun. And then I just couldn’t stay away.
And for favorite anime, it’s really impossible for me to say. I am one of those people that loves one thing one minute and something else the next. There are so many great series that I could never choose between them. Not to mention there are probably so many more great series I haven’t seen yet.

Congrats on the 2 years, and the Awards nominations. I think this article was my first visit here:
Eureka 7 was one of my favourites at the time (and still is), and your continuing posts on Gurren-Lagann after than made me add your site to my bookmarks. Some other varied favourites I have: Planetes, RahXephon, Noein, Gankutsuou, 12 Kingdoms.
I would love to blog, I am pretty passionate about the stuff as well, but I find a lack of motivation to post things (as evidenced in the many gaps in my own ‘blog’). Even making comments sometimes on blogs, I would have something to say but I just don’t feel like typing out. Like your LoGH post, I was going to chime in on some things, but I just didn’t feel like going through the effort (though since I’m on a roll now, I think I will…).
It’s weird because I can ramble on and on during a conversation about an anime, but if I have to think about making an article out of it my brain balks at the prospect of ‘work’. So, I admire folks like you who not only maintain a fairly regular blog, but have something interesting to say beyond episode summaries.
P.S… for the upcoming season, in addition to Soul Eater (since I’m a BONES fanboy), I have my eye on ‘Toshokan Sensou/Library Wars’. Haven’t seen any trailers yet, but it has a lot going for it in terms of the source material, the production team (I.G.) and the Noitamina timeslot that normally produces gems. Also, my favourite gal Inoue Marina (GL’s Yoko, etc) voices the main character…which is what originally got me interested in it before I did some more research.

I can still remember the pink theme! πŸ™‚ Congratulations, and here’s to more insightful articles from you for more years to come.

Nice to meet you. It is smile.
The blog of “Japan Animation mania” to introduce Anime of Japan was started.
Please come to see at any time.
And, please link to my site.
It comes ..then…

@Everyone: Honestly, thanks for your inspiring comments. Sometimes when I write these personal reflections I get worried they’ll fall on deaf ears, so it’s really awesome to know I have such great readers out there. Even still, it’s especially heart-warming to read comments from people like eipu, arkon and orangee, visitors who don’t necessarily speak up very often but stick around, I guess it’s just really great to hear from you guys every now and then. So again, everyone, thanks for visiting. The idea that all of you are out there keeps me going long into the night.
@arkon: Have you actually seen the trailer for Soul Eater? It looks really colourful, weird and fun, the soundtrack is composed by Taku (Gurren Lagann) Iwasaki and best of all, the animation looks absolutely top-notch. I know it’s just a trailer, but the level of fast-moving, choreographed ass-kicker-ey in those few minutes was enough to win my heart. Also, as with FMA and Ouran, BONES have a reputation for taking source material and pushing it in a new direction, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see on this.

Yeah, I have seen the trailer. That’s why I said the unique style it has will probably help it. But setting aside it’s not really that weird, it can be quite generic at times. It surprised me just because of the actual content of the manga (which I’m sort of assuming will be transferred to the show) doesn’t seem like it’d match with your tastes. For example the part of the manga that I’ve read has more fanservice than the Kanon and Clannad animes put together or about as much as I’ve seen in some episodes of Rosario + Vampire. I’m talking in the traditional sense of fanservice too e.g. the panty flashes etc…That’s all. I’m not passing judgement on it at this point either. I’m waiting to see how they handle the adaptation too. I suppose that’s why they are apparently airing two different versions of the show, a censored version and an uncensored version?
I am looking forward to it myself, and part of the reason was BONES’ involvement in the show. I heard they were doing a new show, found it was based on a shounen (?) manga and realised there were some scanlations of it which I decided to read and I enjoyed it. And then I saw the trailer a few days ago and was pleased with what I saw but not what I heard. I’m not that keen on some of the VA selections, mainly Soul’s but I guess without knowing more of the story it’s hard to say whether it’ll be a good choice.

Happened to see your blog for the first time today. Hopefully I’ll be joining you in reflection next year éh?
Just saw “Mindgame”, by the way. To you and other commenters: if want you to see a truly unique piece of art, give that movie a try right now. It’s a gem, in my opinion.

Happy birthday ! \o/
I’ve been reading your blog since… almost the beginning I guess o_O I remember the pink theme and posts about Kemonozume or Welcome to NHK !
I’d like to post comments more often, but I have to admit that my english is not really good :/
Anyway, I really like your blog (one of my favorites), always interesting ! You’ve got to keep going ^_^ ! And thank you for your last post on Legend of the Galactic Heroes, I like it very much too, but I’ve got to admit that I almost always share your opinion about anime (keep on the good taste then :p)
At least, now you know that there is a girl in Europe who read your blog πŸ˜€

@arkon: Fair enough. I had an inkling there would be some fan-service, but provided it isn’t too degrading/creepy/constant, I can usually take it. For example, Gurren Lagann had its fair share of ‘flesh’ but there was some real substance to it too. As for things like Kanon and Clannad, I’m not so repelled by the physical fan-service as I am by the overriding moe fetish/misogyny that seems to objectify female characters as this kind of pure white, ultra cute innocence designed purely for otaku wish fulfillment. Anyway, I know what you mean about Soul’s voice, it’s a lot deeper than his character design suggests, but all the other voices seemed excellent (especially the spiky-haired young punk, might be called ‘Black’).
@Enn: Mindgame’s been on my list for years now. I must see it in 2008! That, Paprika and B/5cm are three anime movies I’m way overdue on viewing (too embarrassed to add I still haven’t seen Howl’s Moving Castle, either).
@Liptonic: Your English looks fine to me, and it’s awesome that you can write in a different language at all. I wish I was bilingual! Anyway, nice to know I’ve found another long-time reader πŸ™‚
@Everyone: Thanks again for your comments, they inspire me to keep going. Hope y’all had a great Easter and didn’t eat too many chocolate eggs!

Ah, I’m an absolute newcomer to your blog…buuutt….I salute your blogging skills. They’re wonderful. Your blog is quite easily one of the best blogs I’ve seen, in terms of describing exactly what is appealing and so very awesome about anime. Keep up the blogging, and know that it definitely has not fallen on deaf ears>> You’ve totally sparked my interest in Gurren Lagann….I really must go watch it now πŸ˜€ (This is pretty amazing for somebody who’s avoided mech series for…..4? years?)
And …to answer the other part of your question, hands down, One Piece wins my favourite anime spot….for reasons you’re definitely familiar with πŸ˜›
Oh right, and though I’m new here, grats on the anniversary and the nominations.

Hey congradultaions man. And I do understand what you mean about watching something and wanting to share it with everyone else. Honestly πŸ™‚
As to when I started visiting. I think I left a comment about it. Mostly because I believe in judicious commenting. I really hate leaving a post without saying something. (Probably cause I like to hear myself talk) Sometime around GTO… probably earlier. My life in general is a blur, so it’s hard to remember what I’ve done from month to month.
Anyways, here’s to another two years. Oh and congradulations on the nominations too.

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