An exciting announcement

When I browse through this blog’s archives, I see that my first post was on the 4th of March, 2006, and, since then, I’ve published 304 more. Every post has been composed in my voice, from my perspective; there’s a consistency of opinion at work here that can only be attained over time, but, also, a sense of predictability, too. Sometimes I find myself going over old ground, saying the same things time and again.
I really appreciate my readers, every single one of you, and I hate the idea of this blog becoming boring.
This was all going through my head when I quietly published my ‘Help wanted!’ page a little over 1 week ago. In the four years since this blog began, I hope I’ve established a certain way of looking at anime and if there are just a few others out there like me; people who, perhaps, have been reading this blog for a while and share a similar philosophy towards anime, then I think there’s a chance here for us to create something special.
Hence, the ‘Help wanted!’ page, and, furthermore, I should introduce my first ever co-blogger, Celeste! She’s been a regular commenter here for a while now and, in that time, has shown herself to be a thoroughly eloquent and thoughtful anime fan, one that I’m delighted to have join me. Barring any last minute hitches, her first post should be published at some point on Tuesday and I really hope that you are able to receive her writing with as much enthusiasm as you so often do mine.
(There’s still space open for perhaps one other writer to join us here at this blog, so, please do drop me an e-mail if you’re interested in giving it a shot.)

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I finally noticed that page yesterday, and was going to tell you to make a post on the front page so it’s more noticeable, but it looks like you heeded my advice without having to tell you!

Sounds fabulous, so glad you’re trying to find ways to keep things fresh (honestly I can’t get tired of your writing, you have a certain pull I can’t explain). As others erode Bateszi innovates, I love it!

Congratulations! I’m a pretty fresh reader, only found here a couple of months ago, so I haven’t gotten tired of your style yet, but it’ll be nice to have a new perspective anyway.
I noticed the “Help Wanted!” announcement as soon as it was up, and I was tempted to apply, but I came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn’t be accepted. I like to write short reviews of the anime and manga I watch and read, sometimes for the whole series, sometimes for a single chapter, but my reviews tend to be rather… formal. And general in nature. I rarely focus on one theme, and if I do, I rarely manage the depth of thought that I find in your posts. I’ve been considering starting my own blog some day, instead of posting my thoughts on various forums, but I don’t feel I deserve the right to post here. My style is TOO different from yours. :/

You ought to understand how much it means to see a fellow blogger keep going for all this time when so many countless others have sadly given up. The fact that your writing touches on themes and topics outside the norm makes it a site that’s all the more vital on my feedreader…plus there’s the way in which everything you write is from the heart and powered by good, honest fan enthusiasm. It’s been an honour to be a part (however small) of that journey and I look forward to seeing it continue. Congrats indeed.
I’m looking forward to Celeste’s contributions too. I recall her comments being sharp and insightful in the past so yeah, a warm welcome from me and all that.

This is fast starting to sound like a marriage announcement thread.
But yeah, congratulations nonetheless!

I was sort of thinking the same myself, so I quietly decided to walk away from the computer and stop reading. XD

Thanks, everyone so far, for your encouragement. With other people now involved, I’m really excited about how the blog might evolve in the future. From Charmeleon to Charizard, perhaps?! 🙂

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