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Although I’ve been writing this anime blog for a long time now, over 6 years, in fact, I’m still not sure of the kind of blogger I am. I’m not disciplined enough to write every few days, nor do I enjoy deep analysis of anime. I don’t even really enjoy discussing it to any great lengths. But even still, here I am. This has become my home, and I don’t know why. An anime blog.

I’m moved by other media, too, but anime is what gets me writing. I’m sat here now because I want to mirror how the last few minutes of episode 7 of Sakamichi no Apollon made me feel. It was great, and sometimes I’m happy to leave it at just that. I could do that this time, too. Just let time pass me by, but that doesn’t feel honest. I should make some record of this, this feeling.
I still regret not writing about some anime, because if there’s never going to be a sense of consistency between my posts, I at least want to capture these moments: anime that made me feel something. I’m not really a blogger that should think things through, I just need to follow my heart. Listen to how fast it’s beating, and use this blog to express myself.
Music is expression, too (jazz, especially.) It’s a more abstract, ambiguous form, obviously, but the sound made by a piano is trying to communicate something. You play an instrument to be heard, when sometimes words aren’t adequate, and if you’re lucky, someone will respond from the void.
So, it’s easy to understand how Sentarō and Kaoru felt after that performance. Everyone there, listening to them, maybe even seeing them for the first time. For that brief window, they are being understood, and together. I’d want to runaway after that, too, because it doesn’t get any better. Just bottle the feeling, and run.

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The other (obvious) problem is that even when you do write about something that hits you, chances are you’ll never be able to convey that feeling to the reader. The best you can do is get the reader to watch the show, or spot an obscure image or idea. Even so, their reaction won’t be the same.
So why bother? Don’t ask me. I write about just about every episode I watch because I want to tell people about it, even if I can’t truly describe how it felt. But I’m weird that way. And there’s something to be said about putting your words out there and allowing the online community to discuss them.

First off, thank you for taking the time to write about the anime you watch. Even if all you write is that you like a particular series or movie… that’s enough. But the fact that you write more is a bonus since it leads to discussion which leads to more insights and that’s very valuable to us readers. You blog is the only anime blog I read consistently, and that’s because I like your taste in anime and you give enough additional color that I can make an educated decision as too whether I want to pursue a particular series.
My wife and I are really enjoying Sakamichi no Apollon this season. We’re also enjoying Space Brothers. The general lack of gratuitous sex and violence plus the authentic relationships are appealing. And Sakamichi is gorgeous! The jazz is good, too. I wish my high school jazz band sounded as good! 😉

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