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A bright shining future

I can’t speak for Japan, but right now in England, young adults are having a hard time. Money seems harder to come by than ever for many who are working all hours to afford their month’s rent, let alone buying a home without a mortgage that’s loaded with high interest rates. It’s a scary, often bewildering time, struggling to keep your head above water in the town or city that you grew up in and trust deeply, a place that’s now indifferent to your pain.
That alienation and desperation is captured by the street rappers’ in Devilman Crybaby. They may be my favourite part of the series.
Don’t give up!

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It’s great to see you’re still around, Ivy. It’s lovely to hear from you!
It never ceases to amaze when an old name pops up on here after all this time.
If anyone else is out there, please do speak up!

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