Black Lagoon – 5 to 6 – Nonchalant massacre of Neo-Nazis

It’s clear by now that Black Lagoon will be Rock and Revy’s show; the action scenes in these episodes are as expected absolutely kick ass, though the majority of what Black Lagoon is driving at is Revy’s humanity (or lack there of). Having slaughtered dozens of Neo-Nazi bastards, she nonchalantly explains to Dutch that she can no longer work with Rock.
Revy’s super human killing instinct is borne from an absolute disdain for life (including her own); she can kill so many people because to her they are nothing. However since Rock turned up and started questioning her brutal ways, Revy has started doubting herself too, and it’s that split second of hesitation that can cost her life. Assassins can’t afford to have morals.
On a totally superficial level, it was great to see Dutch kicking some Nazi ass too; he is the cold, calculated hit man to Revy’s indiscriminate kill-everything-that-moves motto of death. The inevitable Nazi showdown was edgy in how it soundlessly depicted Revy just walking from room to room, shooting men by the dozen. There is such an exhilarating discard for life during these moments that you can’t help but love it.

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Yup, episode 6 was where the show went just being an average action series on my radar and became something special.. the next episode further cemented that and now I got Black Lagoon, Haruhi, and Higurashi all battling it out for the #1 spot of this season.
Just hope Rock doesn’t end up deballing Levi/Revy/Rebby. She’s the omega perenial anti-hero of this decade!

Something has to happen with Revy by the end of the series; as cool as it is to see her waste boatfuls of people, some of them are innocent. Like the cooks (I think that’s what they were on the Nazi ship), she was even going to kill them before Dutch stopped her.
Long-term, its hard to know where Black Lagoon will end up. I often compare it in my head to Gungrave, though that was always building to Harry and Brandon crossing guns. Perhaps Revy will turn bad and eventually finds redemption in Rock?

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