Black Lagoon – 7 – Personality clash

The ticking time bomb of Revy’s personality finally explodes in the face of Rock, though gratefully he also snaps back and unfurls a passionate rant all of his own. It’s easy to imagine Rock being your typical male doormat, but here he stands up for himself and proves he too has an unbreakable steely quality beneath his tentative nature.
Revy, who often uses Rock’s middle-class background as a reason to insult him, is firmly put in her place and suddenly they have a new-found respect for one another. Rock has proven to Revy that he is willing to risk it all for the Lagoon, even if it took a black-eye and a gun to the head.
Amidst all this, there is treasure chest of absurd humour and quirky gimmicks to found in a wily mob of arms-dealing, drugs-smuggling nuns; all headed up by a sweet old lady with a specific taste for quality tea. I love how Black Lagoon is set in such a dead-pan and colourful paradise for unconventional criminals of all shapes, scars and sizes!

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I think the nuns were the best part of this episode by far, followed by Bailailaika’s editing scene – they’re so normal in one sense (the calm way the Mother Superior there addressed Revy, and then dismissing the Lagoon folks because they had to attend Mass), and then so completely absurd in other ways (the nun with a gun who looked more like a gangster cosplaying, the Afro’d man’s offer to Rock for another job should he need it, Balalaika’s editing and tired ‘Yes, she really IS taking it up there’ comments) that the results were hilarious.
That and Revy just kinda staring at the scene Balalaika was editing with the ‘so, this is what adults do?’ sort of look…

Yeah Haesslich, the porn editing scene was great! I especially loved the contrast of personalities, and not least of all Balalaika and Revy so matter of factly wondering "is that in her ass?"
That’s the thing about the humour in Black Lagoon, these situations are real enough to be believable, and then taken to the utmost extremes of bad taste 🙂

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