Is it the Franky or the beans? One Piece 321


It sounds superficial, but something as stupid as a smile goes a long way; after a tiring week, it’s just a lot easier to relax in front of anime that’s pleasant and funny with happy characters who cheer and smile — that’s a big reason why I love watching One Piece. It’s just so colourful and fun — even the filler episodes, the so-called scourge of Shonen Jump anime, are good for a laugh or two; mindless fun is still, well, fun!
Today I watched episodes 320 — 321, the viewing made me realise how over the last few weeks I’ve utterly missed watching One Piece. I spent two years diving in and out of the series, losing sleepy weekends to Luffy’s adventures, but now the supply’s dried up and I suddenly have to wait in-line like the rest; my point is"¦ argh! The end of 321 is so frustrating. It’s not that I don’t know what’s going to happen — of course, (naked) cyborg Franky is destined to join the Straw Hats — but it’s the way it happens; the nostalgic goodbye, the embarking on a new adventure, the realisation of a dream"¦, I need to see it all right now, while these feelings are still warm.


If (naked) Franky’s joining the Straw Hats seems almost straight forward, I can’t help but wonder how Ussop will fare. As Zoro points out, it’s a matter of pride; Ussop the brave just has to pluck up the courage and admit that he wants back in — but after a big fight with a friend, its never easy to spark up conversation. I predict either a river of manly tears, or a total anti-climax! Until then, stay well, my dear nakama"¦

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I’ve been meaning to catch up with One Piece; I’ve read the first 16 volumes (around Drum Island), and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it’s just SO LONG. Also, I know a lot of things that happen later on (I’ve read your posts and other spoilers).
So, what have you been watching? Claymore, One Piece, Turn A Gundam…..what else? Still watching Gurren Lagann? What about Shippuden? I’m not saying you should post about EVERY EPISODE OF EVERY ANIME you’re currently watching, but I’m just curious is all. If you need something new to watch, I could recommend you some good stuff. Like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, probably the best anime of this year.

For some reason, when the Water 7 arc first started, I was almost sure that Paulie would be the shipwright to join their crew. But seeing as he’s kind of bland, and how Frankie’s kind of awesome, it totally works out.
On fillers, I agree with you. It’s not a bad thing to just enjoy the ride sometimes, and while other series use fillers as cheap alternative to real storytelling, OP fillers are entertaining one-offs that make you appreciate the main arc’s investments into each character’s personality and humor. In general, they’ve been pretty well-crafted and meaningful (enough) to watch. I’m really glad that at least this show doesn’t compromise its standards when it wants to take a break.

@Protodude: One Piece is best tackled in mini-marathons. Due to its length, its easy to feel burnt out after a particularly big story arc, so just take some time to reflect for a few weeks in between. The Water 7/Enies Lobby arc lasts for AGES. At least, that’s how I dealt with the massive backlog of One Piece.
As for what else I’m actively following; it’s a fairly hefty list, but here goes:
Baccano!, Bokurano, Claymore, Darker Than Black, Dennou Coil, Naruto Shippuuden, Seirei no Moribito, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann and Toward the Terra. I wish I had the energy to blog a bit more, but it’s hard during the week when my energy is being pulled in a million different directions. I’m not a fast writer and often spend upwards of 2hrs tweaking my posts. I’ve especially wanted to write something about Baccano!, but it’s just a matter of finding the inspiration.
I liked the first episode of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and I have the other three episodes waiting in line but I’m feeling held back by its culture-specific humor. I remember I felt really tired after watching the first episode because the quick-fire direction combined with the crazy art requires almost constant focus; basically, I’m saving it up for a rainy weekend 🙂
Anything else you think I may have missed out on?
@Dan: I was expecting it to be Paulie too – after all, when we first meet Franky, he isn’t exactly a nice guy (beating the crap out Usopp and stealing all his money!). I agree though, he’s very cool and eccentric.
Also, for some reason, I love the Sanji fillers. It’s always some ridiculous adventure to do with cooking that brings out his unique humor and epic determination; I loved the scene a few episodes back when Sanji tasted that old man’s cooking and suddenly a symbolic tsunami appears behind him as he is wonder-struck by the amazing flavor! Its funny to see someone so passionate about food.

Protodude: Just pace yourself. Take your time with One Piece, and read it at your own pace – it isn’t going anywhere 🙂 And you’ll find that once you get to the juicy parts, you just won’t be able to stop reading! In any case, there are so many awesome moments in the story that you won’t get bored at any point. Believe me, it’s a bit of a bonus that you aren’t fully through the story so far – I’m current with the weekly SJ releases, and the current arc has me on the edge of my seat, but I have to wait a week each time to see how things progress! It can wear on you a bit to have to wait >_>

i remember when Luffy and the Crew first landed on Water 7. And knowing that they were going to gain a new shipwright i examined the first appearence of the carpenters of Water 7, expecting one of these carpenters to join Luffy’s crew. And then Oda blindsides us and introduces Franky! Just shows you the brilliance of Oda’s writing.

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