Winter '11 Impressions

I don’t have Bateszi’s gift for intros, so let’s jump right into the Winter Preview.  This season does not have any wildly anticipated shows, nor have I seen something of Star Driver’s caliber.  Still, even if the shows don’t blow you away, anime is definitely still well and kicking.

Autumn ’10 impressions

Welcome to yet another autumn run-down! Everything is loosely ranked into a makeshift top 10 and we’ve tried to keep our impressions short and to the point, but if there’s anything you want clarified, feel free to question us (and our opinions) in the comments. We’ve missed out certain series because they are sequels to… Continue reading Autumn ’10 impressions

Cherry picking in autumn 2010

It’s autumn again, and with it comes dozens of new anime series to get excited about. From these, we’ve picked a few that we’re particularly interested in. Marvel at our impeccable taste and insightful opinions! I was thinking you’d come up with something better than that for the introduction. Evidently my expectations were too high.… Continue reading Cherry picking in autumn 2010