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Autumn ’08 impressions: week 1

This past weekend was spent watching anime, lots and lots of anime, and below you can read my findings. Having come perilously close to losing my sanity at several points over the last few days, the scariest thing is that there is still so much I’m waiting to see, not least of all the majority of what was included in my autumn preview.

The mediocre anime

9. Kannagi
Listen up, otaku! Do you want a girlfriend, but struggle with the ladies? Perhaps you’re having trouble meeting that perfect girl? Yes? Well, here is my advice.
Make your own!
It’s really that simple! All you need is some wood and a chisel! Craft her image on the wood and plant it in the ground, wait a few minutes and that’s it! The rest should take care of itself! Added bonuses include that she doesn’t have parents, loves to watch anime and is really cute, so, no doubt you’ll be screaming ‘MOEEE!!!’ for the rest of the week. Of course, if you don’t like her, you can always plant another one and start collecting a harem instead!
Short review: Really nice animation ruined by a thinly-veiled, leering observation of the fairer sex.

  • Tags: wish fulfillment, moe, slice of life, school, comedy

8. Ga-Rei -Zero-
Despite ending with such an impressively bleak twist of fate, I must point out that the opening 20-odd minutes of Ga-Rei -Zero- were no more than a pale imitation of Blassreiter, totally bereft of enthusiasm and creativity. Most worryingly, for what is supposed to be an exciting action series, the fight choreography was particularly disappointing, with any number of cliche gun poses and faux-cool characters riding-in on their motorbikes to save the day. It came off as trying too hard to be cool, yet the episode’s conclusion is such a shock that I’m hesitant to completely write it off.

  • Tags: horror, science fiction, action, twist, military

7. Hyakko
A saccharine, light-hearted comedy about a quartet of young girls making their tentative first steps into Japanese high-school. They get lost in-between classes and meet each other wandering around empty buildings.
The first episode of Hyakko wasn’t particularly substantial, but the characters were engaging and pleasant, while the art style was bright and energetic. It’s a typical Japanese slice of life that seems happy to revel in being young and nostalgic. It may be a slightly bland take on fledgling friendship, but I found it easy to watch.

  • Tags: slice of life, nostalgia, friendship, light relief
The good anime

6. Gundam 00 S2
Ever since My-HiME, the much maligned ‘train-wreck’ tag has become synonymous with Sunrise, and though we might complain as if they produce some of the worst anime ever, we all seem to enjoy the fruits of their labour anyway.
It’s time we faced the truth. Sunrise is the Hollywood studio of the anime industry. Their work is fun and entertaining; probably a bit stupid and superficial too, but fun and entertaining none the less.
Gundam 00 is junk food for anime fans, the kind of well animated, colorful series we’ve all decided to love or loathe. Action, mecha, cute girls, pretty boys, politics. It’s an absolutely mass-market formula for success, albeit darker than Code Geass, with much more emphasis on the individual grunts of war, but obviously, that’s all fairly irrelevant in a show like this, where the terrorists have pink hair.
Basically, I’ll be on this train along with everyone else. It should be fun, whether it crashes or not.

  • Tags: mecha, trainwreck, action, eye candy

5. Toradora!
Comparisons to Honey & Clover seem valid, though if anything, Toradora! is much more like Nodame Cantabile, right down to how the lead boy Ryuuji finds himself being compelled, out of a mixture of fear and pity, to cook and clean for lead girl Taiga. She lives up to her tsundere reputation from the start and strikes me as infuriatingly rude. It was really frustrating watching Ryuuji suffer through her constant volleys of abuse without throwing anything back, and indeed, whether or not you can enjoy Toradora! much at all probably depends on your tolerance of her unchecked abrasiveness. All that said and I must admit that I really enjoyed this first episode. The characters felt authentic and heartfelt, and in such a potentially dramatic series, it’s really important to care about the characters. Obviously, I do, and that’s a good sign, I think.

  • Tags: tsundere, drama, comedy, slice of life, school
The great anime

4. Casshern Sins
The first episode of Casshern Sins was fantastic, and after Kaiba, yet another beautifully animated, stylish science fiction anime from Madhouse.
The story? Planet Earth is (apparently) devoid of natural life and now controlled by violent robots, who are themselves fast rusting away into nothingness. It sounds fairly basic, right?
The visuals are inspired, a refreshing synthesis of retro character design and contemporary production values. The dark, lifeless backgrounds are particularly detailed and immersive, decaying yet beautiful, while the story is a straight forward mystery, with some dynamically animated, brutal action scenes along the way.
The varying robots are themselves desperately alive and afraid of dying, trying to find some meaning in the time they have left; they are strikingly conflicted and sad creations, as is Casshern himself, the man blamed for this dire state of affairs.
My immediate comparisons are to Ergo Proxy and Battle Angel Alita. Casshern‘s hopeless concrete dystopia, combined with the optimistic robot girl, are very reminiscent of Rel and Vincent’s adventures outside of the dome, while the lumbering, blood-thirsty robots are the kind of unhinged opposition often faced by Alita.

  • Tags: science fiction, dystopian, robots, action, animation

3. Shikabane-hime
I’ve been feeling a little hesitant about Shikabane-hime, if just because the premise is a tad cliche, but this first episode was very impressive.
The Gainax touch is apparent almost immediately; the dark ambience is fascinating, the character design is as cool and colourful as ever, while the action is fluid and well drawn. Though I’m aware this might be sounding a tad superficial, let us not forget that anime is a visual medium and that Gainax, when on their game, are masters of the art. Everything from the way a character smiles to the way moon-light dances across a bedroom wall, suggests feeling, soul, and attitude. We don’t need incisive dialogue, or fabulous plot twists, because when anime looks this good, our imagination is set free, unbounded.

  • Tags: horror, action, style, attitude, animation

2. To Aru Majutsu no Index
To Aru Majutsu no Index was fun; good, solid, exciting and fun.
This was easily one of the most assured debuts of the autumn season and knows exactly what it wants to be, namely cute, magical and funny. It succeeds effortlessly, and won me over almost immediately. Straight from the off, I really liked the attitude of the characters; they are full of life, or rather, sarcasm, and the banter is tremendous, never feeling forced or manipulative, it’s merely dead-pan and funny. The assured direction is courtesy of Hiroshi Nishikiori, who has helmed two J.C. Staff anime series I’ve previously enjoyed, Azumanga Daioh and The Melody of Oblivion.

  • Tags: magic, action, cute, school, humor

1. Kuroshitsuji
So far this season, we’ve had the demon-hunting girl, the tsundere tiger and the dystopian science fiction. To my mind, it’s all very familiar and, as a result, all very predictable. I’m not to saying that these are bad stories, but when one finds himself being able to predict each plot twist as it comes, that undeniably takes away a lot of the excitement in watching anime in the first place.
Kuroshitsuji feels like something completely new. Such a feeling is as strange as it is exciting, and, with this being animated at A-1 Pictures, their dark realisation of Victorian-era England is sumptuous; even the tea looks delicious. Of course, it helps that the soundtrack is by far and away the best of the season too, and I was going to write that even before I found out that none other than Taku Iwasaki (Gurren Lagann, Soul Eater) was the man responsible.
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Kuroshitsuji. The elaborate bishonen character designs seem to suggest cringe-worthy homoeroticism, yet this first episode was anything but; it’s positively dripping with malevolence. More please!

  • Tags: gothic, horror, butlers, culture, supernatural

24 replies on “Autumn ’08 impressions: week 1”

I think the latest Casshern really is as basic as it sounds, it just does its basic thing with a great deal of flair.
Tytania‘s first episode was just subbed. Get to it – there’s tea fetishism there which far surpasses whatever Kuroshitsuji can offer.

Aside from Tytania (which I liked a lot, though the first episode was just an introductory one), I also recommend Mouryou no hako. In my opinion it had the strongest pilot episode this season, and if the rest will be at least half as good as the first ep then it will be one of the best show this season.

Hyakko: Episode 2 just crashes and burns. It tries pulling itself from the wreckage after the break, but even when it musters some of the flair ep 1 has, it’s too late you’ve realised just how trite the source material is.
Casshern Sins: I’m liking this. I have some reservations, but I’m not sure what they are yet. Possibly some murky action choreography.
Shikabane-hime: Far more effort went into this adaptation than the source material deserves. I liked the fur effect on the bat monster, and some of the subtle acting, but the story itself is a snooze. This is Gainax paying the bills.
Kuroshitsuji: This did nothing for me either. The characters seem very stiff, character design actually lost some of the sub-Hirano charm of the manga and the romanticising of England wasn’t recognisable as England to me. Earl & Fairy has technically worse animation, but I found it much more charming in it’s pacing and use of European folklore.

I think Kannagi will work, its very charming and it has that nuanced gestured animation of KyoAni fame. It might be too saccharine for some, but I’d probably drown in this season’s brooding and devious bishounen galore without something a little sweet to lighten my day, assuming it doesn’t turn too dramatic in the later episodes of course. I need to watch Gai-Zero NOW, otherwise I’ll probably be spoiled since people seemed to have stopped caring (I’m still left sore after that R2 spoiler spree a lot of blogs started).
Toradora looks nice and it definitely didn’t seem like something you’d enjoy! I’m surprised since it does scream tsundere and generic (not necessarily bad). My love for G00 is unbounded, anything sunrise touches of late seems to attract me, no matter how trashy it gets, my satisfaction is almost assured as I’m entertained. Casherin was surprisingly gripping, I was utterly intrigued by the dystopian surroundings. I’m glad I’ve found a solid sci-fi series this season. Shikabane-Hime warrants a watch just because its Gainax, I’d like to know if they’ve still “got it”.
To Aru Majutsu seems like a special powers anime, a very solid one at that, doing everything right. Not necessarily original but quality stuff nonetheless. Kuroshitsuji on the other hand like you, I’ve kind of overlooked, literally. I just didn’t dl it. Thinking it was going to pay homage to as many effeminate boys and men as possible with a touch of eroticism before that measly 20 minutes is over. To see it here as No.1 means something, so I’ll have to check it out then.
My favorite this season is Kurozuka, it had a fantastic premier episode. It was dark, gritty and interesting. I haven’t touched the source material, so I can’t compare it, but if the manga is as good or better then I need to track it down asap. Romi Paku was sensational playing the enigmatic Kuromitsu btw. Glad the season has so many series with potential, makes me happy I’m an avid anime fan.

Whut, no Clannad? 😛 In all seriousness though, you have balls of steel to sit through some stuff that I’m sure set your teeth on edge or threatened to send you to sleep entirely!
Props to you for actually enjoying Toradora! – TBH I thought you’d hate it but as it turns out, I’m the one who’s saying “meh, this isn’t for me.” this time. It didn’t grab me at all, even though it has a tsundere in it.
Kuroshitsuji was a refreshing change however – one or two things didn’t sit right (e.g. the annoying maid and gardener…the old guy was cool though) and the kid is just plain weird, but Sebastien is so flamboyantly bad-ass I’ll give it a second chance. I didn’t realise Iwasaki did the music though – he must be on a roll from Soul Eater because I was lapping up the gothic atmospherics and dark humour. It has potential to be really entertaining I think.
Shikabane Hime was great – no-nonsense action that I have a very good gut feeling about. I can see it being my guilty pleasure of the season…
The first season of Gundam 00 bored me so much I dropped it so won’t be bothering with the second I’m afraid. As for Casshern: Sins, the OAV was okay but unless this series does something really special with the plot I don’t think I could muster the attention for it.
My own preview post(s) will be forthcoming, but I’ve decided on watching the first two eps of each show I plan to watch, rather than just one. Apart from Shikibane Hime, the one I’m looking forward to most is Tytania actually. It has already received th IKnight Seal of Approval…

Ga-Rei Zero … I started out not liking ep1, then liking it, then surprised by the ending, but I felt manipulated. (Trying not to spoil anything) Is that how it ends? Then why should I watch it?
To Brack: I didn’t get a crash and burn from Hyakko ep2. I’m not crazy about the series but I think it has potential as the characters interact more.
Casshern Sins surprised me in ep2, though there was no sudden change in plot or character. Instead, it felt like a meditation prone to sudden violence. Good stuff.

@Peter S: There’s key frames in episode 2 of Hyakko that look like they belong in some “HOW TO DRAW THE MANGA WAY” instruction book, particularly in the segments before they start trying out the clubs. That’s key frames mind, not inbetweens. Later on they start employing better short cuts to hide the fact it was clearly produced in a rush, but it had already lost me by then.

Some surprising choices there to say the least. My thoughts on the ones I’ve actually seen in comparison to yours:
Ga-Rei -Zero-: If one were to watch this with the sound off then I agree that the action would’ve been quite boring, but the perfect use of the soundtrack made it seem much better than it should have been. Although anything goes now with what the second episode brings so there’s not much I can really say on it…
Casshern Sins: This I’m watching solely for the animation production which looks, as you said, beautiful. I found the second episode better than the first, but if it’s going to be 24 episodes in length there needs to be more to the plot than is currently present.
Shikabane Hime: I have the second episode of this DLed and ready to watch eventually, but if it’s not better than the first that’s the last I’ll be watching of it. Gainax did a great job with the animation of course, but it’s hard to save something that wasn’t good in the first place.
Kuroshitsuji: I don’t think our opinions could differ more than on this show. Well, that’s not true. I will agree that the art and music were good. The exciting and different part however, I couldn’t agree less on. There are so many butler/maid shows out there that simply changing the formula up some doesn’t really equate to different for me and I found pretty much no entertainment value in the show. Unfunny bumbling side characters and sexy butler and little boy characters for yaoi fangirls to drool over just don’t appeal to me in the least.

Watched Ga-Rei-Zero and Shikabane-Hime:
I haven’t seen Blassreiter, but I’m totally with you on the weak choreography. I was so put off I nearly stopped watching – but that ending.. Hopefully it marks the start of something better and far more interesting for the series.
Shikabane-Hime, while aesthetically pleasing as you point out was just too hollow for me. I can’t fault Gainax for their design and animation, but I’m getting the feeling they’ve picked up a bit of a dud here. Aside from the visuals nothing really grabbed me at all.

With the exception of Nodame Cantabile (which I will definitely be following) I am still unsure about what series I will be keeping up with from the fall. There are many that are entertaining and show potential but I don’t think any have been excellent or without flaws.
This is my impression of the ones I saw from your list
Hyakko: I generally do enjoy this type of series. The characters are fun (if a bit stereotypical) and it’s going to be short. However I find the writing to be a bit weak. There are very few moments that actually make me laugh which is what you expect from this type of series.
Casshern: Beautiful animation and a very intriguing concept, I also really like the side characters introduced in each episode. However I dislike how each episode ends on such a depressing note and I find the main character to be pretty boring.
Kuroshitsuji: Okay I think the creepy moments work well and the Butler is a really fun character. However the comedy and other wacky servants felt really out of place. I am also not sure about the other main lead. I tend to not like child characters who do not act like children.
Toradora: It’s a bit cliche and I am wary of how Tsundere the main female is but the moments between Ryuugi and Taiga were sweet and very well done. Although I disagree with the Nodame Cantabile comparison. One thing that makes NC work for me is it is not just a romance but it is also just as much about Nodame and Chiaki’s improvement as musicians. Toradora seems that it will focus primarily on the romantic comedy aspect and I worry that it won’t be able to sustain itself.
I also saw the 1st episode of Tytania it started off a bit slow but the second half definitely picked up. I think it has the potential to be either boring or epic. I am hoping for epic. 🙂

I liked the first episode of Toradora but the second quickly lost me, I think it just started moving into generic romantic comedy territory and I only have one life.
I agree with you though about Kuroshitsuji, it’s the only anime this season that I am actually excited about, because I feel I really don’t know what to expect.
(Although I haven’t seen the other series you list under “Great Anime”, if you are comparing “Casshern” to Ergo Proxy I think I will give that another go)

i’m so glad you did a fall preview. usually people do them and they turn out boring, or they recommend things because GAINAX is doing it (which isn’t always a good thing, though it often is). now i know what to watch without having to preview them myself; i’m far too busy.
is Casshern related to the live-action japanese movie of the same title, though? because while said live-action was visually very interesting, just about everything else about it made me want to jump out a window it was so bad.
what’s To Aru Majutsu no Index about, even? i’m always up for really humorous humor but..
i hope Kuroshitsuji doesn’t go the way that the period-drama-anime i watched, Twenty Faces did. that time tends to stagnate it seems. but it looks promising, and i’m always up for the Victorian era.

seems that i will need to watch To Aru Majutsu no Index
Kuroshitsuji first episode was average for me but i will keep up with it
Toradora! 2nd episode was great
*goes to rewatch HxH for the million time*

Haha, none of the shows I watched are in your “great” section, and the ones I did watch you either don’t like or you don’t like lol. I didn’t think Ga-Rei -zero- was so horrible, although lame, but it was definitely better than Blaessreiter in my opinion. The last three minutes got me wanting to see more, but I’m disappointed that there’s no OP and ED.
For Toradora!, I think it’s going too fast (in ep.2 anyway) but I would not be watching it if it was any slower. Taiga doesn’t piss me off much although usually characters like her do, but there’s this innocence about her … well, in episode 2 lol. Even though Ryuuji is like, not the best looking guy in the planet, he’s really adorable in the inside.

@IKnight: The tea stakes will be epic; Tytania’s elegance versus Kuroshitsuji’s romance. Anyway, I had a quick look at my download of Tytania #1 earlier and just happened to land right at a moment of intense discussion and tea drinking. Such a thing is the height of European decadence; I shudder to think how much tea was consumed during the First World War.
@kuromitsu: I’ll definitely have a look at Mouryou no Hako once a fansub is released; I’ve noticed that many of the reviews so far have been mixed, which is always an interesting sign. I suppose many people had probably read about CLAMP’s involvement, only to be inevitably disappointed when it didn’t turn out to be the next Code Geass, but rather a slow, mature thriller with shojo-ai pretensions. Kind of amusing, really! 🙂
@Brack: Fair enough. I’ve been teetering on the brink of dropping my interest in Hyakko and I think you may have just sealed that decision, though I may take a look at episode 2 just to confirm that for myself. Anyway, what attracted me to Hyakko in the first place was the rather punky and warm colour palette, it just looks a lot cooler than this genre usually allows (Soul Eater-esque), and I was thinking of watching it in a ying/yang combination with Casshern!
@Ivy: Firstly, I’m glad that you enjoyed Kurozuka. The anime has toned down the manga quite a bit in terms of sex, which was to be expected, but I think it’s looking like a solid interpretation regardless.
Also, I wonder about Kannagi and if I just caught it at a bad time. To me, it screams ‘moe’ in a very generic, cynical kind of way, but it was clearly beautifully animated too, so I’m torn by it.
@Martin: You should try Casshern Sins. Having caught the second episode last night, it’s shaping up to be a lot more interesting than expected. And the animation is beautiful too, obviously. Everything from Madhouse in this season is wonderful. (Looking forward to your autumn impressions too.)
@Peter S: Definitely agree with you on Casshern Sins, the moral ambiguity of the characters and the vagueness of the plot are proving to be such an interesting experience to watch unfold. I could quite easily watch it all day.
@Absolutely_Steve: Heh. I tried to cast my net as wide as possible this time, mainly in the hope that I’ll just get to see some good anime that I might have otherwise passed over. To Aru Majutsu no Index is a good example of that, as it has this very bishojo-style character design I’m not too fond of, but the action is absolutely bad-ass; speaking of which, the second episode was stunning.
Also, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Kuroshitsuji as much as I did, and it’s definitely an odd choice for a top pick, but I can’t really deny that I enjoyed it; perhaps the novelty will wear thin eventually? And still, lots more autumn anime to see this weekend too.
@Wildcard: I wouldn’t rule out Shikabane-Hime just yet, especially considering this is Gainax. I’m sure the characters will improve as we spend more time in their company. (Hang around for a few more episodes if you can.)
@Kim: I share your concerns about Toradora. The second episode, in particular, seemed to have made some impressive progress with the character relationships, only to basically reset everything in the last few minutes. I think it’s definitely a more immature series compared with H&C/NB, and if it is just going to be Taiga being all tsundere all the way through; like calling Ryuugi a dog etc, then I’m definitely thinking that it won’t sustain itself for much longer at all.
Anyway, some other first episodes have been released this week, many of which I hope you will find more suitable to your tastes (I’d be interested to know your thoughts on Kurozuka and Mouryou no Hako, as I think both are mature, thrilling and unique). Alas, there is still nothing as crazy or as exciting Baccano!
@Dana: Oh, I hope you try the first two episodes of Casshern; it’s much better than people assume it to be; the second episode is particularly good. Also, RE: Toradora’s second episode, I totally agree. We’ll see where it goes from there.
@Celeste: I don’t think Casshern Sins is based on the live action movie, if that’s what you mean. I think I read it’s like an alternate universe story about the good-guy Casshern actually having caused the end of the world. We shall see, it’s a fairly action orientated series, but the post-apocalyptic imagery hints at something deeper. The second episode further emphasizes that, but by no means is it a happy story. More like moody and pissed off! 🙂
To Aru Majutsu no Index is an action/drama/comedy series. Again, beautifully animated and a much better, harder streak than the ‘soft’ character designs suggest. I suppose its a little cliché, but really well executed.
Anyway, there will be a lot more good stuff in my week 2 write-up. Well, I hope there will be. Kurozuka is the one that I hope everyone will take a look at.
@qwertypoiuy: Seriously, episode two of To Aru Majutsu no Index is awesome. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t really excite you.
@blissmo: I think you might have nailed my feelings about Taiga. Though I object to her rude attitude, she definitely has an innocence/vulnerability to her personality which is charming. Also, you need to take a look at Kurozuka. Vampires. Lots of blood. Love story. Gore. Sounds like your kind of thing, right? 🙂
@hayase: I haven’t seen Mai-Hime (or Otome, for that matter), but from talking to people who were watching it and gauging the general vibe from the blogosphere at that time, I really think that this was the series that started the whole ‘Sunrise’ ‘train wreck’ thing. It seemed like everyone was pissed off/vocal about its end. Then Seed Destiny came into action too, and the whole meme seemed to snowball from there. Anyway, if you think I’m wrong, don’t be afraid to say so… I’ve a feeling I might be using Mai-Hime incorrectly, when it was mainly Seed Destiny that started it all.

I think I’ll give To Aru Majutsu no Index a try since you seem so sold on it. Nothing wrong with adding more to my watching list…except the whole having too much to watch part…
And speaking of more autumn shows, I watched Michiko to Hatchin this morning since I couldn’t wait for subs. If you do not love it I will saw off my foot and mail it to you so you can use it to kick yourself in the ass for having no taste in anime. Seriously though it’s probably the best thing I’ve seen this season and is exactly the kind of show you should dig.

>>I haven’t seen Mai-Hime…
People were pissed because they probably had unreasonably high expectations for the ending. From the start I could see it was not the really ‘serious’ type of anime that merits an ‘artistic’ ending or whatever they were expecting. I enjoyed the show for what it was. On the other hand, I could consider Otome the trainwreck–it was just a vehicle for milking more money off the fanboys. If you get bored and decide to watch Mai Hime, start and end there. Stay away from Mai Otome.
Gundam SEED Destiny was another failure because the ending just sucked. Code Geass R2 ending on the other hand was good, but in between the series was so-so. Still I doubt Gundam 00 S2 ending can top the CG R2 ending.

@Everyone: Since this is as good a time as any to survey your favourite autumn anime, last night I installed a poll plug-in (in the sidebar). Please take the time to vote, I’ll be interested to see what comes out in first place.
@Absolutely_Steve: To Aru Majutsu no Index is an interesting one. Given the soft aesthetic, it has no right to be as exciting as it is.
And don’t worry, I think I’m destined to fall in-love with Michiko to Hatchin. I’ve seen some screenshots of the first episode and streamed the opening animation over at YouTube, both of which have left me aching for more. So, I don’t blame you for watching it raw, I’ll be doing the same thing if I have to wait much longer for a fansub.
Opening animation is here for anyone that’s interested. The song has Shinichiro Watanabe’s style written all over it:
@hayase: Oh right, I’ll hopefully get around to My-Hime sooner or later. It was another anime series that, at the time of it’s airing, seemed to be everywhere, and my natural impulse is to back-away from such hype, but I’m still quite curious about it.

@bateszi: Actually, I don’t like stories with vampires. Sometimes they’re okay. I mean, I’m not freaked out by them, I love them as mythical creatures, but any plot which involves a horde of vampires are usually the same, and I like watching shows with originality. I can tell that any time soon I’m going to drop ToraDora! and not bother with it any more. But I’ll check out the show you recommended because it DOES sound good 😀

And I just read your twitter – you totally MUST watch Eve no Jikan. I think you’ll love it because it seems like one of those shows you’ll enjoy blogging/thinking about.

There is no Nodame Cantabile on the list 🙁
I am not sure what my favorite fall series are myself but if you keep this up for a few more weeks hopefully I will be able to figure it out by then. 🙂

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