There Will Be Blood

Blood+ landed amidst a resurgence of the vampire genre.  It came two years after the conclusion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 3 days after the release of the first book in the Twilight series.  It was beautifully animated and had a decent storyline, even if the pacing crawled at times.  Today, almost 5 years after the show finished, CLAMP has re-imaged the story with Blood-C.  The new version has character designs and a mood that will appeal to Clamp fans, even if Blood+ loyalists won’t be able to stomach more than a few episodes.
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Changing the flow of time

Time travel always seemed like a cool concept to me. I could go back in time, make some money and live an easy life. That’s just an immature way of looking at things, though. When I imagine going back, I’m not thinking about the people around me. I’m being selfish, just thinking about material things.
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Trains, classrooms and crazy girls: Mawaru Penguindrum episode 2

Japan’s train system fascinates many, but I’m not as taken by the vehicles themselves as by the sheer amount of people shoved into each carriage, to the point where one can hardly breathe. Aside from finding it weird that people would willingly submit themselves to such claustrophobic conditions, it’s also a fertile breeding ground for molestation.
This episode of Mawaru Penguindrum jokes about a school girl being groped in the carriage above (by a penguin, no less!), but I’m reminded of the film I Just Didn’t Do It, in which a young salary-man is wrongfully accused of doing the same thing, is arrested and has the law completely stacked against him: his life is basically ruined.
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Bargain Bin Anime

My love of anime means I spend a great deal of time watching it and a great deal of money buying it. But the price of anime can make buying it new difficult.  My budget wouldn’t last long if I bought discs with 5 episodes for $30. Happily, the industry model shifted to a wallet friendly model where I can buy a season set for less than $50. Still, buying my favorite series or an anime classic used is more satisfying to me than picking up the same title new at Best Buy.
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I couldn't help myself: Mawaru Penguindrum and a feast for the eyes

Much has already been written about the first episode of Mawaru Penguindrum, the latest from Kunihiko Ikuhara (he of Revolutionary Girl Utena.) Like most, I really liked this first episode, but I’ve never been one to bother discussing plot details, rather, I just want to talk about art and post some pretty pictures, and like Madoka, Panty & Stocking and The Tatami Galaxy before it, Mawaru Penguindrum is an intricately-drawn feast for the eyes. I just couldn’t help myself.

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Special Edition

I’m a perfectionist.  Being a perfectionist isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being unhappy with your work when it isn’t.  Sometimes you have to ignore that impulse and just release your creation to the world.  Sometimes though, you get a second chance.  George Lucas epitomises this phenomena.  Audiences didn’t appreciate it when Lucas revised Star Wars.  Long time fans lashed out at him when he released the special edition movies.  Japanese fans of Dragon Ball Z had a similar reaction when the special edition version of the show, called Dragon Ball Z Kai came out.  I haven’t watched the Japanese subtitled version of the shows so I can’t judge that version of Kai.  But I did watch the English dub.  And it is the best Dragon Ball Z to date.

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