Spring status update

As I reflect on how things have been going for the blog since November last year, I’m satisfied that I’ve been able to post something new most weeks. I feel like I’m into the routine of writing about anime again. The Winter season was good for me: from Dororo and The Promised Neverland through to Run with the Wind, it had a lot that I was able to empathise with and write about. I’m sure I can continue in this vein, but I’m thinking of changing tack instead.

A particularly busy April has forced my hand, but this is probably the right move for me anyway: I’ll be attempting to schedule my posts ahead of time, which is to say, whilst I’m beavering away in the background building up the schedule, this blog will fall silent for a month or two.

I came to this decision whilst reflecting on a few things. I want to write better, longer lasting pieces on anime. In order to do this, I’ll need to separate myself from what’s currently-airing right now and take the time to think ahead. I really believe that posting regularly is important for a blog to grow, but I also need the time to ruminate more on what I want to say. Do I have the discipline to work like this? I’ve no idea! It should be an interesting experiment though.

As ever, thanks for reading! I’ll be stepping into my time machine now, see you soon!

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I’ve been looking back at a bunch of older anime blogs I used to visit and was happy to see this one is still active. Whether you do seasonal stuff or more substantial pieces on older series, I’m just happy you’re still kicking. Thanks for writing about character dramas like Fune wo Amu and Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, too. I’ll try to check in once in a while to see what’s new (or in the case of older shows, what’s new again) on the blog. Take care!

Thank you for writing in! It gave me a little boost to read your comment…

It’s always a melancholy moment when looking back at older anime blogs. I would say that this is a post apocalyptic time for my generation of anime bloggers, but it’s beyond that at this point, it’s simply a different era (and different internet) now!

Dororo has been a powerful show for me. Powerful enough to tempt me to write a 3.5K+ word review of it after a long, long hiatus. I have not been following shows on a weekly basis for a long time, but this show is an exception.

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