Black Lagoon – 12 – BOOOOOM! HEAD SHOT!

So that’s it then, no more Black Lagoon for (at a guess) a couple of years. I really loved watching this series; after a hard day at work, when it’s a tough ask to even keep your eyes open let alone watch and read anime, Black Lagoon shone like a bloodied beacon of hope. I knew no matter how tired, or how jaded, I could enjoy watching this.
That’s what Black Lagoon meant to me. It didn’t carry much emotional weight, but it had episode titles like “Guerrillas in the Jungle” and “Rasta Blasta”. There is something so attractive about its zero pretension; it’s somewhat fun to see when a series is so honestly and passionately devoted to just thrilling the viewer from start till finish. It’s fan-service, but in a broader sense (not in the moe – killer loli – panty shot – harem sense) – taking it’s cues from the Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Van Damme era of 1980s action, Black Lagoon was a consistent, balls against the wall action series with little or no regard for human life. It’s great.
If I didn’t know a second season of Black Lagoon was coming, I would feel somewhat deflated by this final episode. Of course- it pays off with the now-expected-during-every-episode kick ass action; in particular, ninja woman throwing around her giant machete on a rope is a high point, but then it just ends. We don’t even get to see Dutch. Hints are made about the second season (American CIA agents talk to Revy as if she has trained with them in the past, the Japanese Guerrilla survives to fight another day), and basically it ends with the feeling of just another episode. So much so I waited for the next episode preview, but alas nothing appeared. My anticipation of the second season starts now.
I love a lot of anime and technically, so much of it is superior to Black Lagoon – but I just know that if I had to choose one anime series, over almost everything else I’ll happily watch Black Lagoon again and again. BOOOOOM! HEAD SHOT!

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The nice thing about this show was that the plot was just window dressing – and they both knew it and made no pretenses about it, as you’ve noted. It was an action anime, the type of show which would’ve fit in with a late 80’s/early 90’s blockbuster action movie (as the T2 tribute suggests), and played to the cliches in a way which made it fun in a hammy, brainless fashion – a pure popcorn movie at its best.
Plus Revy was nice to look at, but she also had that mysterious past and slight psychosis which made her more than just a killer body (literally) to parade about in the tradition of Charlie’s Angels.

Not to mention the Desperado and The Killer nods in it.. action movie fans dream was this series 🙂
But what I really liked best about it was that while it was very clearly a series about blowing shit up, it also handled the quiet moments with a deft hand.
Most action series when people start talking it’s time to fast forward, but Black Lagoon’s dialogues were a real treat to listen too (and let the studio save some animation money to use for later :P) and had some true pathos to some of them, which I think elevates it a little higher than a Van Damme movie, personally.

Here’s my Black lagoon theory (I’m still back on episode 3: don’t you envy me?). "Rock" is the put-upon younger brother of Master Keaton (can’t you see the resemblance?) who opted for the sarariman life and never got to do anything fun. ‘Til the day…

I started to wish I’d looked into this series after reading so many reviews about how good it was. Hopefully with it being licenced we’ll see it hit DVD in the next few months!
No doubt about it, there’s something refreshing about a show that just delivers undemanding entertainment – there will always be a time and place for series like that.

By the way – for those of you who saw the Shinsen Subs translation, that "Becker Valley" is probably supposed to be the "Bekka Valley" in Lebanon, which was a terrorist training area in the ’70s and ’80s.

Rather, Bekaa Valley. Blah.
LouAndy – she doesn’t want to appear soft, does she? I loved the way she and Shen Hoa traded barbs and.. ah… ‘fun’ times with the enemy jeeps. That whole thing with the kukri was particularly amusing, as were her understated responses to both danger and Revy beating Rock up.

"which I think elevates it a little higher than a Van Damme movie"
To be fair, Van Damme’s movies are probably the worst out of the so called "action heroes" but I must admit I enjoy many of them. Kick Boxer, Blood Sport and Cyborg- Van Damme when he was young and hungry for success… Universal Soldier was obviously the beginning of the end, but I still love it 🙂
"… Master Keaton"
I’m liking that comparison, though with Keaton, he could kick ass just as well as Revy. Rock is sadly a bit closer to Keitarou of Love Hina – minus the harem!

Anyone know other anime series look-a-like this one? lot’s of gunfights and blowing up shit. Need my dose of gunfight anime 😛

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